"Low libido" is NOT your fault. You aren't broken. Let me show you how to fix what ACTUALLY needs fixing!  

Imagine the relief you would feel if your sex life was pressure-free, relaxed and something you looked forward to.

This program not only gives you the exact formula you need to take sex off your "to-do" list, but also a place to talk about intimacy +marriage in our incredible community of women who GET you. 


"I have never felt more sexual in my own skin as I do now. My sexual experiences with my husband since this program have been so enjoyable and memorable, I definitely find myself wanting "It" more." -L. S.

"I just had the most sensual, pleasurable, engaging, connected, intimate sexual experience of my life!" -E.W.

After the 30 Days to Wanting It More program, you'll be able to:

  • Create a sexual experience that feels natural and not forced
  • Connect regularly with your husband even when you are exhausted and have no time
  • Stay mentally present when you are in bed together
  • Keep things fun, easy + relaxed while making love

You should join. You will love it and it will change your life.

It's time for you to have a sex life that feels natural and relaxed without any pressure or guilt.

How does THAT sound?

(p.s it's amazing)

I know that because this is the transformation I went through in my own marriage. 

From fighting about it all.the.time to having frequent sex that met both our needs. 

But it took us a very long time to get there (about 15 years) and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in counseling, workshops, books and coaches- and I don't want you to have to go through that.

Because it doesn't have to be so complicated, expensive and emotionally painful.

In addition to my personal experience from 17 years of marriage, I am a professionally trained Marriage Coach with hundreds of hours of experience working with women and couples with their intimacy struggles as well as supporting over 240 women in the 30 Days to Wanting it More program.

Here is how the 5-week-program works:


Each week, you watch the videos for that Module which are broken up into 20 mins segments. 

Then you implement the simple action steps with the support of our amazing group of women in the private Facebook Community. 

Through this process you gain the skills and encouragement to communicate effectively with your husband in HIS language.

You also have the option of joining up for the LIVE rounds that happen a couple of times a year. During those times, I hold weekly Group Discussions and Q+A calls with my husband and I.

Buy now for immediate access to all the material. The next LIVE round of this program starts on Sept 24th, 2018!   

It's worth the money. I can enjoy the time with my husband now!


"It is worth every penny and then some. Just do it... you won't regret it!!" -E.M.

"Jump in with both feet. I'm so glad I did. I was just telling my husband about an hour ago I want to shout this program from the rooftops!" -D.C.

Imagine cuddling with your husband without any expectation to advance things.  

But deciding to because it's what you desire.

 Imagine trusting your intuition and having the confidence to ask for what you want (without a hint of embarrassment)... 

Feeling deep intimacy and connection, safe in your husband's arms.

Think about what it would feel like to be 100% confident in the way your body works. 

To stop worry about how to "fix" yourself and know exactly what it needs to feel desire.

No more wondering, "What's wrong with me?".

It's more than just sex. It's about connection and intimacy and finding out who YOU are!


"In regards to the money, it’s soooooooo worth it!  I was hesitant about joining this program and spending the money. But let me tell you, our sex life has done a total 180. And this at a fraction of the price of say 6 months of counseling, and in a fraction of the time! Believe me, you will be so glad that you did this." -A.M.

"What you are trying up until now is not working and that's not your fault. We are all living in a backwards society that never taught us how to become truly sexual beings. You have nothing to lose but guilt and resentment. Your marriage is worth giving this everything you can." -E.W.

At this point, you might be feeling a bit nervous about a few things, so let me put your mind at ease. I know sex isn't an easy topic!

Here are the most common fears I hear about joining "30 Days to Wanting It More". Click on them for reassurance :)

Is this​ a Scam?​

Is this going to be some weird kinky thing that makes me masturbate or do weird uncomfortable sex stuff with my husband?

Is this going to work FOR ME or will I just end up in more disappointment?

Is my husband going to be on board? Will he think it's silly?

Will I feel embarrassed and awkward?

Can I trust Janna?

Is our sex life bad enough to spend the money?

Will this just be the standard advice we've gotten from other professionals (that haven't worked)?

Do I have the time to complete it?

The amazing "30 Days" community of women will help you feel supported, encouraged and so.not.alone.

We meet in a Facebook group set to "closed" so only the people in the group can see your comments. 

You aren't obligated to join the group or be active in it as all of the program material is delivered through a separate membership site (but you should, it's awesome).

I was taught that what happens in marriage (especially in the bedroom) is just between the husband and wife...


"I LOVE this amazing, beautiful and fierce group of women! Everyone is super encouraging, uplifting and supportive during this very sensitive journey. It's been super refreshing to know I'm not the only one out there struggling in the sexual department." -N.G.

"The ladies in the Facebook group are so supportive. There is no judgement. I truly believe that the Facebook group was a huge part of healing for me. Just knowing that you’re not alone and being able to freely talk about your struggles and ask questions is a huge deal. Plus, we’re hilarious!" -A.M.

"Everyone is fighting for stronger marriages, rather than jumping for reasons for you to stop trying, or to blame your husband. As nervous as I was, I am so glad to be a part of such a loving and realistic community of brave women." -N.V.

"There is no place on this earth where you will find this much information and inspiration that really helps gain a better understanding of what sex in a marriage is all about and they will actually walk the path with you. It's a safe (and fun!) place to learn." -M.B.

"The FB group reminds us that it is normal to feel how we feel, it's OK to talk about sex, and we can benefit from other women's experiences. I really appreciate that Janna takes such an active role on the FB group in answering questions and giving extra support as well." - C.S.

If you're reading this, it means you're interested but perhaps still a little hesitant. Here's the truth: if you do nothing, nothing will change.

I'm not saying this is the ONLY way to having harmony in your sex life but I have seen it dramatically improve hundreds of women's lives.

This IS a step in the right direction.

This isn't about becoming a nymphomaniac who wants to jump her husband at every moment! 

This is about becoming comfortable in who YOU are and creating an environment in your marriage to support that.

This program is right for you if:

  • You're on a budget and want great value. This whole program is about the cost of 1 Therapy session.
  • You don't want to sit face-to-face with a stranger and tell them about your personal life!
  • You would like the option to go at your own pace and be able to review the material whenever you want.
  • check-square-o
    You want the support of other women going through the same thing.

If you're skeptical about joining the program... so was I.

Still here? Okay, you made me do it. Here are some sweet words about me from these lovely ladies...


"Janna always has something insightful to say. She is fun, warm, and always kind. She is very knowledgeable about the male brain, and that is something I would like to learn more about from her! Janna will make you feel safe on this journey. You will be challenged and supported every step of the way."


"Janna is so passionate about each one of us having a sex life that is mutually fulfilling to both spouses. She gives really practical advice to help!"


"Janna has been through the exact same struggles herself in her own marriage, so that really helps! She and her husband describe their own struggles and the process of how they overcame them which is very inspiring and encouraging and gives more weight to their words!"


"Janna doesn't hate men! My husband feared that she was "anti-man." In actuality, she is an advocate for my husband. She helped me to understand and communicate effectively with him."


"Janna is so non-judgemental, honest, direct and fun. I appreciated her ability to be neutral in terms of all the potential moral judgements that exists around the sensitive subject of sex."


"Janna is willing to offer personal support and obviously really cares about each one of us. She knows what she's talking about. She might sound crazy sometimes but just do what she says, it works."


"Janna has the solid personal and professional experience and education to teach this program."


"Janna is warm, energetic, and truly wants the best for every person's sex life! She sees couples as a unit, with both partners working towards a common goal."


"Janna is incredibly encouraging and supportive while still being firm and uncompromising. She gives you permission to feel afraid and to mess up, but cheers you on as you stumble on towards a better sex life, and a better marriage!"

Janna is legit. This program is filled with REAL women... plus, it helped me lose 40 lbs!

Commonly Asked Questions

Does my husband need to be involved?

Does my husband need to be involved?

Does my husband need to know I'm doing this program?

Will I be required to masturbate?

Do you advocate the use of pornography?

Is this compatible with my Faith beliefs?

Do I have to complete the material in a certain amount of time?

How long do I have access to the material?

Do you have a refund policy?

My husband and I can't believe we wasted 7 years of our marriage!

Okay. You've reached the end. Congratulations ;) If you STILL have questions or feel unsure- please, please, please email me. I answer every single one myself. My email address is: janna (at) jannadentonhowes (dot) com. (or just click on the button below and we'll get to hang out all the time!)