Tired of playing the initiating game?

Sex is way more complicated than Cosmo magazine implies (you may think that all your couple friends have it all figured out but I bet they don't!)

Nobody taught you how to deal with different levels of desire.

Work, kids and busy lives sure make finding the time and energy to get intimate really hard to do!

And, even if you have sought out help for this in the past, most marriage professionals are not trained to deal with this issue.

The truth is that without a step-by-step method to deal with your different needs, you'll be be spinning your wheels with this crazy sex pattern for a very long time which will continue to cause disconnection and erosion in your marriage.

And that, my friends, is where I can help.

Create Awesome Sex: Couple's Program is the solution when you need:

  • A specialist who has a proven method to solve the female low drive/male high drive problem.
  • A way to get support that doesn't involve having to walk into an office that says "Sex Therapist" on the door.
  • Someone who understands exactly what it's like to go through this relationship challenge (this isn't just nice theory!)
  • A framework that supports what both men AND women need to have a fulfilling sex life.
  • A fun and simple process- marriage support doesn't have to be so serious and boring!


Before coaching with Janna, I was struggling feeling connected or being received at all during sex. It was not so much about orgasm or frequency for me but needing connection.

Now, my wife and I have considerable more tools/skills at our disposal to work towards connection. It's helped my wife tremendously to prioritize her needs/wants, set boundaries, and reduce shame. 

Janna's methodology is not only a fresh take on women's sexuality but extremely effective. I am confident saying that she an expert in her field. 

If you are a man and feeling uncertain about doing coaching, I would say that trying the same thing over and over again for years and expecting different results borderlines on foolishness and insanity. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and get new perspective in order to ever grow in anything. 


Male Coaching Client


I had a few concerns when we were considering coaching: “Was it actually going to be worth the price?”,  “Would I actually feel comfortable working with Janna?” And then there's the whole talking about sex with a stranger thing 😉

Before coaching, I was struggling with literally "wanting" sex.  And I was struggling with seeing the point of sex. Her orgasm - check.  His orgasm - check. Done. I didn't feel like sex was actually drawing us closer together.

And now we have better communication!!!  Our "sex life" has definitely improved because we both have a better understanding of what the other one wants..  

Janna literally gave us the words to say sometimes and told us how to ask the questions that we needed answers to, and that opened up so much communication for us.

You should know that coaching sessions with Janna are a judgment free zone 🙂  She won't judge you for your past sexual experiences and she won't judge you for being overly emotional.  And she won't judge you for trying something and liking/not liking it. No judgment!

Janna is great about helping you figure out what works for you.  Her program is definitely not a "one size fits all" kind of deal, so you absolutely will be able to make this work for you 🙂

Female Coaching Client

What does the Create Awesome Sex program look like?

STEP 1: Fill out the simple application and I'll email you to book our free 15 min discovery session.

STEP 2: Accept the program agreement, pay your fees and book your first session!

STEP 3: Work through the step-by-step Wanting it More framework as I customize it for your unique needs. We meet weekly for 2 months with simple focused action items each week. Don't worry about taking notes as you get a weekly email with everything you need to remember.

STEP 4: Take everything you've learnt and practiced to create a lifetime of connection, fun and enjoyment.

What does the Create Awesome Sex program cost?

To finally solve this issue in your marriage once and for all, the investment is $1497 USD or 4 payments of $379 USD.

#realtalk, if this feels steep for you, I invite you to consider how much this is impacting your life right now. How much time and mental energy do you waste on thinking about how to solve this never-ending struggle? You may know of other marriage professionals who charge less (or more!) but ,without a proven framework, you'll be at the same place a year from now (minus lots of wasted money).

"Before starting coaching with Janna, I was hesitant about spending the amount of money it cost because I've never spent money for a service like this and didn't know what to expect. I was also concerned that it would clash with our beliefs or just be way too uncomfortable.

But I'm glad we decided to go for it because now my wife and I laugh a lot more together and I feel like I get so much more out of the time I spend with her." -D.H, Male Coaching Client

Ready to create an amazing sex life?

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