Genuinely enjoying his touch without having to tolerate it.

Snuggling without the pressure to advance things.

Stopping the rejection-guilt cycle.

Dealing with resentment and reconnecting again.

Shifting from anxiety to comfort in the bedroom.

Learn the path to:

I’ve dedicated the last 6 years of my life helping women, married to men, want and enjoy it more in the bedroom and have witnessed thousands of wives go from dreading it to feeling desire again.

I personally know what it’s like to wonder, “what’s wrong with me?” and not be able to find any answers after years of struggle in my own marriage.

Let me introduce a new way forward that doesn’t involve guilt, pressure or “just doing it.”

Janna Denton - Howes

Marriage Coach:

Women have been misguided about the causes of not wanting it and are left feeling alone, broken and frustrated.

Discover the truth so that no more time and energy is wasted trying to fix the wrong thing.

Does getting in the mood feel like a chore?

Wanting It More 101

Increase Interest and Enjoyment without Pressure or Guilt

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Want to want it in the bedroom… but just don’t? 


Increase Interest and Enjoyment without Pressure or Guilt

Wanting It More 101

Finally  solve  this  issue!

"Janna will immediately set you at ease and you will feel seen and understood and hopeful. "

“One of the only "therapy" type things I've ever watched that gave me a sense of hope and ownership."

"This video was fantastic!!! I actually cried a couple times because your message was so powerful."

"Everything Janna said is like a breath of fresh air! She makes me feel like MAYBE things can actually change and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time."