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I felt anxious about sex.


When I started the program, I was struggling with never being interested in sex, and with being fearful and stressed about 'intimacy' as I knew it. However, the result of this program has been much more closeness, intimacy, and connection with my husband. It was money absolutely well spent!

I feel much more closeness, intimacy, and connection. 



“I actually want intimacy now!"

Kendall is 32 and has been married for 9 years. Before Wanting it More, she felt frustrated, discouraged, broken and resigned to the fact that she would have a lifetime of arguments about intimacy in her marriage.

In 2 short months, her marriage has completely changed and their intimate experiences now embrace unity, connection and wholeness.

They have regular intimate encounters that she is excited for and wants and she has discovered that she isn’t “broken” after all.

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I tried everything and nothing worked.


Nothing I’d tried over the past 3 decades had worked! Now, we are rewriting our 33-year marriage to include equity, safety, comfort, honest conversations, pleasure, intuition, and taking the pressure off. It’s truly a life-changing program and so wonderful to be surrounded by a supportive, non-judgmental community of women. 

We are rewriting our 33-year marriage!



“My pleasure matters!"

Dr. Laura Froyen is a family and marriage therapist, who hit some roadblocks in her own marriage. She struggled to find lasting solutions when seeking help from from other doctors and therapists, and turned to Wanting it More for help. 

Not only did Laura find confidence in Janna's professionalism and expertise, but her marriage radically changed. Communication improved, connection increased, and she finally felt free to express her desires like never before!

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“I am not alone!"

When Becky found her desire waning in her marriage, she was left feeling broken and alone. She was stuck in feelings of guilt, shame and fear that things would never change.

Through Wanting it More, Becky discovered that not only was she not alone, but there were hundreds of other women with stories like hers. She felt normal and validated in her experiences. Now, she feels empowered to let go of the guilt and experience true connection and pleasure!

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Janna could have just fixed her own marriage and gone about her happily ever after, but she chose to share this with the world, and I am so grateful!. - RW

From this program, I have seen massive changes! I feel safe with my husband and want to be vulnerable in our sex life, I feel more connected and in love with him, I feel excited about our intimacy and how it will continue to evolve, and I know that I AM a sexual woman!! - CJ

The dynamic of the online community creates a tribe, so that even though it’s virtual, we feel comfortable to be more vulnerable than we are with our closest friends and family. - MW

“I have so much hope!"

For thirty years, Laura and her husband were stuck in a cycle: intimacy, avoidance, resentment, then eventually intimacy again. She was about to book an appointment with an intimacy therapist when she chose to join Wanting it More instead.

Just eight weeks later, she feels an immense sense of hope for the future of her marriage. Her and her husband now have tools to experience connection in a much deeper way!

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Janna takes the fear out of discussing sex. - AJ

I feel strong. I feel empowered. I feel like I can love myself and my husband again. - SS

My marriage is forever changed, and so am I - in every facet of my life! - SS

“We have more frequent & fulfilling intimacy!"

Mike’s wife took Wanting it More and before the program, he felt frustrated that he was constantly pursuing her and was never being pursued. He felt unloved, unwanted and disrespected even when they did "do it", because it felt like an obligation on her part.

As his wife continued with Wanting it More, their communication improved dramatically and he was able to understand what she was going through and needed. Now he thinks their intimacy is awesome - more frequent, fulfilling and fun.

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Janna creates a truly "safe space" for us to be our authentic selves in all our messy glory. - AG

I will be forever grateful that Janna came into my life and gave me the tools I needed to heal my marriage and myself in the process. - AH

It wasn’t until taking this course that I realized there really were other people like me! - AH

"We're closer than we've ever been!"

Before Callum's wife took the program, their relationship felt stale and intimacy was a one-sided routine. He was disappointed with his wife’s lack of desire and wanted his wife to actually enjoy the sensual experience.

After reluctantly agreeing to sign up for the program, Callum was pleasantly surprised when he began to see positive growth. Communication improved greatly, his wife's confidence soared and he started to see himself - and the world - in a brand new way.

This new learning changed him and his marriage forever.

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Thanks to this program, my husband and I have laughed together more in the last 7 weeks than we had ever in the last 5 years! - TE

To anyone who is hesitating about the program, I want to say lovingly to her; “It's time to put yourself first.” - DC

My husband has thanked me numerous times for clicking on that email and choosing to do this course. - RW