Refreshingly honest conversations about life, marriage and sex.

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The title is very appropriate! Janna is a great interviewer and the conversations feel very natural. It's nice to hear about the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, and makes me think maybe my marriage isn't so different! Put John in more often!

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I love how real the conversations are, without anyone feeling the need to edit themselves. It gets me thinking about my own marriage and how each topic applies to us. 

Janna also asks her guests a lot of questions along the way that I would want to ask - curiosity sated!

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LOVING this podcast! You’re not joking when you say that being real is refreshing. I listen on the way to work and it gives me time to process before having a conversation with my husband after we’re home. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and time you’ve put in to producing something real, encouraging, and SO relatable.

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