janna denton-howes

WIM opened your eyes.

Warriors will keep
them open.

As WIM comes to a close, have you had any of these thoughts? 

    “I need more of this in my life.”

    “I want to shout these paths from the rooftops!”

    “I can never go back.”

If so, Warriors is for you!

In Warriors, we nurture this tender new flame within us TOGETHER over a 12-month timeframe.

We need each other to stay motivated, inspired, and to live our lives authentically.

You’ve got the spark and you never want to let it go! 

Your husband doesn’t need to be 100% on board

There’s no requirement to have “amazing” XDs

You certainly aren’t expected to have all the paths dialed in (none of us do)

You don’t have to have it all figured out to belong in this community. 

Do you believe in the paths?

Are you ready for a 12-month commitment to personal growth and an incredible support system?  



Let’s dig into the details.

You simply need to have the firm conviction in your heart that safety, pleasure and trusting your intuition are your basic human rights. 

Together, we are co-constructing and re-defining what it means to be a woman using the framework of the WIM paths. You can still get support from me if you need it, but the main feature of this community is the collective conversation, questioning, sharing and participation.

Warriors is about mutual advocacy and empowerment.

First off...

Warriors is about community.

We learn the best when we are not only taking in information, but supporting others in the process.

"The Warriors community is about leaning on each other, holding space for each other, celebrating each other, helping each other be our true selves and not what society and culture has said we should be. I am proud to be a Warrior, even if my journey may be a long and winding road. I am proud to be walking that road knowing that Warriors is there to lift me up when I falter and give me strength when I feel weak."


Warriors will help you feel:

  • Supported

  • Inspired

  • Encouraged

  • Empowered

  • Excited

  • Hopeful

We do that by diving deeper into the WIM paths each month, taking a slower pace to integrate and discover further layers of compassion, safety, intuition, pleasure, and connection. 

We not only continue to learn about our intimate experiences in our relationships, but widen the understanding of the paths into other areas of our lives. 

Here's what's included in your 12-month membership 

Workshops w/ Janna & Guests

Private Facebook Group

Small Group Calls & Text Thread

Be a valuable voice in an incredible community of WIM alumni who are all at various stages of their journey. Post your thoughts, ask for support, or seek reassurance. Your Warrior sisters are here for you!

At the beginning of each month,  Janna hosts a Facebook Live conversation to bring everyone together to talk about the WIM path of focus and what's in store.

On the second Wednesday of the month, join a live workshop to dive deeper into the WIM path of focus. This is your opportunity to participate in real-time with other Warriors as we learn valuable concepts and helpful exercises. 

Janna also periodically invites guest speakers to host Warrior workshops on various topics.

All Warrior workshops are saved and archived to your Thinkific account. 

On the fourth Wednesday of the month, Janna offers a live group coaching call.

This is your time to ask specific questions and get one-on-one support from Janna. 

Coaching sessions are saved and archived to your Thinkific account. 

Warrior Small Group calls happen on the first and third Wednesday of the month at various times.

Join a close knit circle of Warrior women to have a supportive and affirming conversation.

All members are also part of a Facebook Messenger text thread to continue the conversation throughout the month.

Small Group calls are about an hour and are not recorded. 

Group Coaching w/ Janna

These fantastic women (all WIM alumni like yourself) facilitate our Warrior Small Groups.

Meet Your Facilitators!

JENN lives in Ontario with her husband of 8 years and her three kids. She works in environmental conservation, and when she's not working, she loves being in nature and smashing the patriarchy!

Meet with your Warrior Small Group twice a month for “me-too” reassurance and support from women at all stages.

BETH has been married to her husband for 21 years, and has 4 children. She is a punny, nerdy (her words!) science teacher in Boston who loves curling up with some Twizzlers and a good Cabernet.

DENICE lives in Shoshone, Idaho with her husband of 13 years and four children. She teaches fourth grade in the local school district. Her absolute favorite place to escape to is the ocean.

MICHELLE has 4 children and teaches 1st grade at the same school as her husband of 17 years.  After a long day, she enjoys watching Disney movies with a bowl of popcorn and some fruity sweets.

TANEILL lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband of 14 years and her two pre-teen boys. She works as the WIM Community Coordinator and is also a photographer. Her family loves to adventure together in the great outdoors.

SARAH, her husband of 20 years, and their three girls live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sarah is a stay at home mom, and in her free time she enjoys going on nature walks, watching the sun set, and spending time with friends.

MELISSA lives with her husband of 11 years and 3 kids in Ontario. She keeps busy homeschooling and working as the WIM Small Group Coordinator. She enjoys family time on the weekends with coffee in one hand and chocolate in the other!

LISA lives with her husband of 6 years, toddler, and dog in Ohio. She works in healthcare IT. When she isn’t working she loves to craft, take walks with her family, and enjoy the outdoors.

SUSAN lives in Massachusetts with her husband of 9 years and young son. She is an IT professional, and recently changed jobs and moved house within the same month! She loves to explore her new town and take pleasure in her surroundings. 

My WIM experience brought so many areas of my world back to life and I wanted to stay invested in that momentum. The group is so inspiring and supportive.
It’s been a lifeline for me!


The truth is we still live in the cultural soup and are constantly inundated by societal messages.

The outside pressures from the media, a male-centred world, our husband's confusion, our friends and families' misunderstandings, and religious misinterpretations, and our own internal battles continue to challenge our ability to stay on the paths.

You need to be with women who get you, speak your language, and are ready to reinforce your resolve.

It feels radical when you are doing it on your own.

When you do it with others, it feels safer.

This is about learning how to thrive as a woman in today’s society.

This is about raising your voice in solidarity.

This is about inviting men to be allies in this mission, even if they can’t see the vision yet.

This journey is about so much more than sex.

This is about everyone being lifted up.

Is Warriors right for me?

  • WIM validated what you felt inside and now you need support to live the message.

  • You can envision the future of this movement and don’t want to miss a minute of it! 

  • You are never going back, even if you know the future may be a bit rocky.

  • You loved the WIM community and are excited to meet more Warriors!

  • You are ready to commit to 12-months of growth and learning inside the Warrior community. 

  • Your intuition is saying, “Yes”.

Warriors is the perfect place for you if:

  • The concepts of equity and safety still don't make sense.

  • You’re not convinced the paths are the way forward.

  • You don’t see the value in being with other women.

  • The 12-month commitment doesn't feel like the right fit.

  • Your intuition is saying, “No”.

Warriors may not yet be right for you if:

Being a Warrior isn’t about perfection, it’s about the spark.
You don’t have to “have it all figured out.” None of us do!

"Warriors makes me feel like a stronger woman!" 

Taneill explains why she was excited to continue growing with the support found in WIM and shared in WIM Warriors:

"I love my fellow Warriors..."
...They are the only friends in my life that understand EXACTLY where I’m coming from. There’s no other community in my life that can offer me what they can offer me. For women I’m never met in person, they mean the world to me. Our shared experiences and struggles bond me with them. Our shared joy and relief. Our strength in reclaiming our womanhood together. That is a sacred experience.

Listen to TANEILL's story

If this feels exciting to you, I invite you to join us!

It takes time for the WIM paths to sink in and truly take hold as priorities in your daily-life. There is a lifetime of unlearning to tackle while we slowly emerge as our stronger, truer selves. We will stumble and stager, but marinating in these new truths as a collective for the next 12 months is the best way for the paths to feel like consistently regular habits. It just makes sense!

There are two ways to pay for Warriors:

  1. One payment of $997 USD
  2. 12 monthly payments of $87 USD (monthly payment plan cannot be cancelled)

You can renew every year if it feels right.

Warriors is only open for members at the end of their WIM round. If you would like to join, I invite you to do so before Friday, April 1 at 9 pm Pacific.



Why 12 months? Here's why.

Join Annual payment Plan:

1 Payment of $997 USD

Join MONTHLY payment Plan:

12 Payments of $87 USD

Warriors is a sustainable pace for your long-term growth.

You may worry that you don’t have the energy or time to continue a WIM-like intensity or you may even be craving a break from Facebook or Zoom. No worries. 

Warriors can be a much slower pace for you. You will find that you’ll have periods of more activity within the community and times when you are quieter and this is accepted, anticipated and approved!

Warriors is about integration into life and we want you to find a rhythm that feels supportive and nourishing while still inspiring. It may take a few months to figure out what that looks like and that’s a-okay.

When you feel like you need a boost, a “me-too”, a warm hug of reassurance, advice, support or some fiery inspiration and new ways of seeing the world, Warriors will be there for you!

Never again wonder, “Am I crazy?”, “Is it ME?”

It can be lonely with this newfound knowledge and easy to backslide without support and encouragement. 

"Warriors helps me continue to stay connected and grow."

Sarah found WIM to be full of wonderful learning but found the pace to be rather intense.

She joined Warriors to keep the WIM concepts at the forefront of her mind and marriage, but enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and slower pace to let it all soak in. 

Listen to SARAH's story

WIM felt like drinking a glass of water when you were parched - it was refreshing and life saving! Now you are thirsty for more.

Let's do this together!

"I knew without continued support and inspiration to walk the paths that I'd be prone to slip back into old habits. Warriors keeps me on track and lets me stay in touch with the wonderful women I met through the program."

"WIM changed my marriage for the better and pointed us in the right direction! I felt like I needed continued support, teaching, and resources when I got stuck or had questions as I continued on the journey."

Being in WIM was like seeing light for the first time in ages, and I knew I wasn't grounded enough to keep on the paths all by myself. This group provides the safe space I need to work through all sorts of challenges in a safe and loving way.

“After WIM, I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I was still really deep in that tunnel and needed to be guided out! Having this continuation of WIM has allowed me to keep a level of accountability and continue learning at a sustainable pace.”






Please email janna@jannadentonhowes.com