You are a worthy warrior woman, no matter where you are in your WIM journey.

Whether you feel like you are back to square one, tentatively optimistic or ready to change the world, you will be welcomed with open arms and supported where you are at.

Warriors is designed to cater to your unique stage of growth after Wanting it More for a full year.

  • Contribute as much as you want without fear of overstepping. 
  • Be as passionate as you want without fear of being too loud. 
  • Be as observant as you want without fear of being perceived as absent. 

We find strength in our diversity and honour the places we are at in life.

Receive the support you need without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are worried that you already have too much on your plate, you can put your mind at ease. Warriors is here for your growth, not to add more noise to your life. Find nourishment in…


Your fellow Warriors care about your success and will support you to keep the WIM concepts active in your life and marriage. They will cheer you on and be compassionate when you hit stumbling blocks.

Janna's Guidance

Continue to dive deep into the paths and learn new concepts with Janna by your side: teaching, challenging and encouraging you to integrate the WIM concepts completely into your life.


Keep that fire alive! The stories, struggles, and triumphs of other Warrior women will inspire your own journey as you witness the WIM paths and practices played out in real life by real women in real marriages.

Allowing these principles to sink in over twelve months will solidify the holistic, lasting change you've been longing for.

"I love my fellow Warriors..."

...They are the only friends in my life that understand EXACTLY where I’m coming from. There’s no other community in my life that can offer me what they can offer me. For women I’m never met in person, they mean the world to me. Our shared experiences and struggles bond me with them. Our shared joy and relief. Our strength in reclaiming our womanhood together. That is a sacred experience.

You feel like you've barely scratched the surface and you know that there is so much more room to grow!

There are 4 pillars of Warriors to help you stay inspired every month.

1) Warrior Groups

Meet with an intimate circle of women for bi-weekly support, accountability and mentorship. Led by trained facilitators in Zoom with multiple times to choose from.

2) Live Q+As with Janna

Make sure that you never get stuck in confusion or discouraged by a roadblock. Janna will answer all of your question in a monthly live Q+A in the private Warrior Facebook Group.

3) Warrior Workshops

Dive deeper into the WIM paths and explore new concepts in our monthly Warrior Workshops. Don't just learn something new, actually workshop the material right on Zoom with Janna and your fellow Warriors. Topics are chosen directly from questions and requests in the group.

4) Learning-in-Action Opportunities

These completely optional opportunities provide a way to dip your toes into the work of empowering women through this movement and accelerate your own growth rapidly. When we teach and support others, we solidify our learning at a whole new level.

"I have so much more to learn!"

Ericka eagerly joined Warriors at the end of her round of WIM, grateful to continue being in community with many of the women she journeyed with in Wanting it More. She was met with wisdom, encouragement and more of that wonderful "me too" feeling that WIM gave her!

Meet Our Facilitators!

These fantastic women (all WIM alumni like yourself!) lead our Warrior Groups.

Jenn lives in Ontario with her husband of 8 years and her three kids. She works in environmental conservation, and when she's not working, she loves being in nature and smashing the patriarchy!



Michelle teaches first grade at the same school as her husband of 17 years, and they have four children.  After a long day of wrangling seven-year-olds, Michelle enjoys watching Disney movies with a bowl of popcorn and some fruity sweets!



Beth has been married to her husband for 21 years and has four children. She is a punny, nerdy (her words!) science teacher in Boston who loves curling up with some Twizzlers and a good glass of Cabernet.



Taneill lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband of 14 years and her two pre-teen boys. In addition to working on Team Janna, she is also a photographer! Her family loves to adventure together in the great outdoors.



Denice lives in Shoshone, Idaho with her husband of 13 years and four children. She teaches fourth grade in the local school district. Her absolute favorite place to escape to is the ocean!



Sarah, her husband of 20 years and their three girls live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sarah is a stay at home mom, and in her free time she enjoys going on nature walks, watching the sun set, and spending time with friends.



You are wanted and needed here.

We are building a very special movement together. A movement that honours the wholeness of women, the sacredness of marriage and the unique opportunity we have to literally change the world together. We can't do this alone. We need each other.

"Everyone has always welcomed me with open arms!"

Victoria participated in Wanting it More two years ago. When Warriors opened up as an opportunity for Alumni, she jumped in, recognizing that she needed the extra support to keep these concepts at the forefront of her mind.

Warrior Workshops to look forward to!

Check out our upcoming Warrior Workshops for the next few months.

AUGUST: Finding Freedom Through Boundaries

What's our stuff, and what's not? In this workshop, experience the sweet relief of establishing boundaries that truly last.

SEPTEMBER: Trusting Your Intuition in the Little Moments

Practice trusting your intuition in little daily choices, like picking out a shirt, choosing a meal, or making a decision in this workshop!

OCTOBER: Exploring Pleasure With All Your Senses

In this workshop, practice filling your body and soul with pleasure! It doesn't have to be complicated or sensual... just slightly better than neutral.

NOVEMBER: Becoming Friends With Your Body

Invite your body to join you in this workshop as you pursue a closer relationship with her. She is worthy of your acceptance and care.

Warriors keeps me on track...

"I knew without continued support and inspiration to walk the paths that I'd be prone to slip back into old habits. Warriors keeps me on track and lets me stay in touch with the wonderful women I met through the program."


Staying unstuck...

"WIM changed my marriage for the better and pointed us in the right direction! I felt like I needed continued support, teaching, and resources when I got stuck or had questions as I continued on the journey."


The paradigm shift I needed...

"I knew I had just tapped into something I really needed! I believe the world needs a paradigm shift. It's not impossible or that complicated if we are humble enough to be willing to change."


Continued support and growth...

“After WIM, I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I was still really deep in that tunnel and needed to be guided out! I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around all the new concepts and knew that it would be difficult and improbable that I’d continue on this great path without at least several more months of support and growth. Having this continuation of WIM has allowed me to keep a level of accountability and continue learning at a sustainable pace.”



to welcome you in!

$ 87.00 USD

12 Monthly Payments

$ 997.00 USD 

Full Payment

"Warriors makes me feel like a stronger woman!" 

Taneill explains why she was excited to continue growing with the support found in WIM and shared in WIM Warriors.

“My WIM experience brought so many areas of my world back to life and I wanted to stay invested in that momentum. The group is so inspiring and supportive. It’s been a lifeline for me!”