Do you want to want sex, but just don't?

Even though you really love your husband, the urge to hop into bed with him never really strikes. 


You're tired of being the one to say "no" all the time.

You've had enough of feeling like there is something wrong with you.

You're done with sex being a source of friction in your marriage.

And, deep down, you're worried about the damage this lack of intimacy is doing to your marriage. You're completely uninterested in a sexless marriage, forcing it to happen, living like roommates, or ultimately dissolving your marriage.

You don't have to feel this way anymore.

Both of these women felt the same way.

Listen to their stories...

The thing is, you know that sex is an important part of your relationship.

So why don't you want it?

You've probably wondered, "What's wrong with me?"

In fact, many women ask for help and the response they get is, "Sex is good for your marriage, so just force yourself to do it."


The thing is sex is good for YOU, but this standard advice is completely unhelpful.

Did you know that the reason your husband is so eager is because having sex is the way that men feel connected?

On the other hand, women get connection from talking and teamwork.


Increased Productivity and Creativity.

Physical intimacy will boost your testosterone levels- giving you more productivity and creativity! 

Increased Happiness and Joy.

Sex increases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins that boost your mood and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

There are 2 things that will increase your sex drive: SAFETY and EMPOWERMENT

​​​​​How would it feel to...

Have fun with your husband without the pressure to "advance things"?

Have very fond memories of your last sexual experience?

Have "sweet" attention rather than "sexual" attention from your husband?

Be fully accepted and supported by your husband?

I'm Janna Denton-Howes, a Marriage Coach and creator of the "30 Days To Wanting It More" program.

When it comes to not “wanting it”, I understand it all. 

For the first 14 years of my marriage, I would have way rather cleaned the toilet than hop into bed with my husband! Sure, once my engine was revved up a bit, it was okay(ish), but getting there took a serious effort. 

We fought about sex all the time and I was DONE feeling used, pressured and like I was the one with the problem.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to find the solution to this frustrating (and lonely) challenge, I eventually trained to be a Marriage Coach and buckled down to develop my own methodology to solve this issue.

And what I discovered not only completely fixed the desire mismatch in my marriage but now has helped hundreds of other women and couples do the same.

This program was created out of hundreds of hours working with married women who felt like sex was a chore.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours as a Marriage Coach helping married women turn the frustration of not wanting it into the satisfaction of knowing exactly how to get in the mood.

What I’ve realized it this: The advice that most other relationship and sex experts are giving is all wrong (and sometimes even harmful).

Forcing yourself to “just do it” for the sake of your marriage or placing so much emphasis on "mind blowing" orgasms leaves most women feeling icky and pressured. 

That certainly doesn’t help you want it more!


30 Days To Wanting It More is a 5 week program that will finally give you the space to "want it" again (or for the first time).

For 5 weeks, I will guide you to...

  • find pleasure in your everyday life.
  • trust what feels good (and what doesn’t).
  • connect with your body.
  • talk to your husband about sex.
  • create important boundaries.
  • use my unique formula for solving the initiation problem.

Are you ready to learn how to get in the mood without going through mental gymnastics every night?


Here's what's included in 30 Days To Wanting It More:


Each week you get:

5-6 Video Lessons

A Summary "Husband Video"

Recorded Q+As With My Husband and I


Simple, short PDFs to support the action steps each week.


Connect with other married women who understand you.

Get additional support from me!


Recommended Resources

Guided Meditations

Guest Expert Interviews


Don't worry about rushing through the program or feeling worried that you will forget everything you've learnt.

Deep breath. You get LIFETIME access. 

Unlimited opportunities to refresh, relearn and continue growing your marriage.

Want to know ALL the details? 

Let me give you a quick tour of each week.



The first week of 30 Days is all about preparation for the actual “30 Days” (28 days to be exact, actually). 

It’s about giving yourself some breathing room from all the “shoulds” and expectations you’ve been dealing with for a long time when it comes to your sexuality.

You’ll start to learn the art of “husband speak” so that you can activate the hero mentality in him so that he'll be inspired rather than triggered by your new journey.




This week, I'm going to show you how to increase your desire for sex without doing anything involving sex! 

You'll learn about the deficiency that most women have and how it contributes to a lower libido.

I'll teach you how to radically trust your intuition and create necessary boundaries in your life- in and out of the bedroom.



Most women have an estranged relationship with their bodies because of the cultural and childhood messages we have received through our lives. 

This week is about developing a whole new relationship with your body based on appreciation, compassion and awe.

The action steps for this week are usually very profound for many women.




Don't let the title of this week freak you out! It's time to create a whole new model of sexuality in your relationship.

This model takes all goals, and expectations off the table and allows you to explore feeling good in a safe, nurturing and relaxing experience.

I give you a structure in which to solve the initiation problem so that you never again have to think, "Should I or shouldn't I?"



In this week, I give you a taste of what's possible in the years to come as you continue to develop and strengthen your intimacy.

I share with you the strategies for overcoming the most common obstacles and practical ideas for continuing to deepen your connection. 

Most couples never get to experience this amount of satisfaction and unity in their physical relationship so it's definitely an exciting week!


Join the Couple's Program and you'll also get:

>>A customized experience in our 8, weekly one-on-one sessions.

This is the best option to choose if you want to make sure both you and your husband are fully supported through this process.

>>Personalized Coaching Notes.

These notes are something you will return to again and again as you continue to grow your intimacy and connection in the years to come.

There are 2 options for joining 30 Days To Wanting It More:


Payment Plan Option

4 Payments of:



  • 5 Weeks of Lessons
  • LIVE Round Q+A Calls
  • LIVE Round Group Calls
  • check
    Lifetime Access
  • check
    8 Weekly Sessions
  • check
    Personalized Notes

"Even after just one week of the program, I have more positive feelings about sex and our time together.

If you are considering the program, give it a chance. You have nothing to lose!"

-D.G, Program Participant

I'm so sure that you'll love this program that I guarantee it!

You get 5 weeks to go through the material and if you're not happy with it, I'll give you your money back.

I'm so sure that you're going to get the results you want that all I ask you do is get on a quick call with me to make sure you have implemented all of my recommendations to the best of your ability.  

If you're not sure that you are willing to make some changes in your thinking and relationship patterns, then it might not be the right time to enrol. 

However, if you know that you want to stop feeling tension around your sex life this year, I'm absolutely certain that I can help you with that!

You're going to LOVE our Facebook Community!

You aren't required to join the Facebook group but many women find this a great place to feel safe to have those types of conversations that you wouldn't want to have with your mother, neighbour or even a close friend!

You know that you can go there to feel normal, understood and recieve solid advice from real women.

We also have a lot of fun ;)  

"The Ladies in the Facebook are so supportive. There is no judgement. I truly believe that the Facebook group was a huge part of healing for me. Just knowing that you’re not alone and being able to freely talk about your struggles and ask questions is a huge deal. Plus, we’re hilarious!" -Amanda M.

This program has worked for hundreds of women and it will work for you too.

The most common question I get is, "Will this work for ME?"

The methodology I teach in 30 Days To Wanting It More works for just about any married woman in any life circumstance. 

This will work FOR YOU because ALL women benefit from:

  • Feeling safe and in control in order to experience pleasure, relaxation and connection. 
  • Having zero guilt or expectations from their husbands.
  • Developing a compassionate and appreciative relationship with their bodies.  
  • check
    Not feeling pressure to “get in the mood” but rather seeing sex as a gentle, self-care practice. 
  • check
    Gaining confidence to learn how to communicate with the male brain.



"The biggest hesitation I had about this program was that it wouldn't work, and I didn't want to waste my money! 

Within hours of watching the first video, I was more relaxed, happy and calm. I felt like I could finally let my guard down."

-D.C, Program Participant


"At first, I was worried that this program might be a rip off and not really help at all. 

Because of this program, my husband and I have grown so much closer, and I’m enjoying and looking forward to sex!"

-Amanda M, Program Participant


"I was very hesitant to join this program. "Who joins a program about sex from a Facebook ad?" definitely played through my head. "Is it going to be kinky? Is it a scam? Is our sex life that bad that the cost is worth it? What will my husband think?"  

But man, I'm so glad I took the plunge!"

-K.D, Program Participant

Here are some of the types of women who love this program:

Women who have young kids and are perhaps still breast-feeding and/or co-sleeping

Women who don't enjoy sex much and maybe even experience pain.

Women who are religious and want a safe, comfortable experience.

Women who feel disconnected from their husbands.

Women who feel like they have an "okay" sex life but want it to be better.

Are you worried about talking to your husband about this program?

You might be thinking, “Yes, I need this!” but then your second thought is, “How do I talk to my husband about this program?”

If that’s the case, you are not alone.

You might feel like purchasing this course will increase the expectation for you to want it more or that your husband will be hurt if you admit that there is a problem.

Again, you are not alone.

Ultimately, you have three choices:

OPTION #1: Talk to your husband.

You might be surprised by how receptive he is to investing in your love life. Men often want to try and solve the problem on their own- but you know this approached hasn't worked. Show him the video below to help him understand the benefits of this program.

OPTION #2: Don't talk to your husband... yet.

Many women in the program decide that they prefer to quietly go through the course on their own. Eventually you will want to bring your husband in to get the most out of the experience, but it's not necessary up front.

OPTION #3: Keep doing what you're doing.

The third and final option is to do nothing. I know that sounds blunt, but it's the truth. If you are committed to rekindling intimacy in your marriage, now is the time. I don't believe that you are reading this by accident!

Listen to a husband share his experience of this program:



"Our sex life has been transformed! Now there are even times when I'm looking forward to it and initiate it, I'm much more relaxed during and actually enjoy it." 

-Maria B, Program Participant


"We are probably having sex every 2 weeks which is a great improvement from once every 3-4 months."

-M.E, Program Participant


"You will be surprised how charged up and "hungry" you will be for sex when you are REALLY feeling pleasure! It's not hard to be the leader when your body is like, OMG GIVE ME THIS NOW!"

-E.M, Program Participant


"Along with helping our sex life, it has helped both me and my husband grow as people and has reunited us to save our marriage."

-C.B, Program Participant


"This course goes to the heart of our issues, and is not a temporary fix that will one day need to be replaced by yet another course or idea. This is the real deal, creating a lifetime of authentic intimacy."

-N.V, Program Participant

Imagine, 5 weeks from now you could be...

Laughing with your husband in the bedroom and enjoying a pressure-free moment of intimacy.

​Confident to talk about sex without a hint of shame or embarrassment with your husband, kids or even friends.

Feeling acceptance, joy and excitement with your sex life.

Free of resentment towards your husband and empowered to communicate your needs and desires, in and out of the bedroom.

Connected to an amazing group supportive, encouraging and wise women!

"So far what I've gotten from this program is that it's really not about sex at all, but it's about rediscovering who we really as as unique, fierce women, what we need, what we want and making that a priority in our lives..."

-N.G, Program Participant

"This is an empowering program! Hundreds of women are beginning to take back their sexuality and are becoming confident inside and out of the bedroom."

-S.K, Program Participant


Q: Does my husband need to be involved?

This self-guided program is specifically designed for women to complete on their own although some decide to share the videos with their husbands who find it very helpful. As this is a program about sex (which involves your husband too!), there are parts of the program where you invite him to join you. In addition, I provide short, summary videos for your husband in each week so you don’t have to try and explain everything to him!

If you would like to work on this together, I recommend the couple’s program.

Q: Will I feel uncomfortable?

Many women are concerned that I'll be asking them to do things that they feel uncomfortable with like masturbate, watch porn, use sex toys any other "kinky" things.

Have no fear! This program is not about "spicing things up", it's about learning how to listen to your intuition so that you feel MORE COMFORTABLE after the program.

Furthermore, pornography is just not a good idea. I talk a lot about it in the program as my husband and I healed from his 20 year addiction together.

Q: How long do I have access to the material?

For as long as the program exists (which I plan on being for a very, very long time.) 

You also have access to any and all updates as well as the option to join any future LIVE rounds.

Q: Will this be compatible with my Faith beliefs?

Although I don't specifically speak about religious beliefs in the program (to make sure everyone feels safe and included), it is my personal belief that sex is Divinely created and designed specifically for the purposes of unity, joy and bonding in a marriage.

I ALWAYS encourage you to trust what feels good first and follow my recommendations second.

Q: Will this help if I have painful sex?

While I am not a Physician or Physiotherapist (which I will always encourage you to go see), this program has helped many women who experienced physical pain with intercourse.

Now they experience pleasure and relaxation in the sexual experience, even though it might not always involve penetration. 

Q: Will this help if I've experienced trauma?

This program creates a structure of safety and support in the sexual experience so I find that most women who have experienced trauma greatly benefit from it. However, it is not within the scope of this self-guided program to heal trauma. 



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