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Finding Enjoyment


I didn't enjoy sex. I rarely looked forward to it and it felt like a chore. I was super annoyed with my husband's playful sexual advances or comments. I just didn't want it…like ever.  

My perspective on sex is SO different now! I actually WANT to do it and I look forward to our time together. I loved Janna's description of sex being a chance to get away for a while and have a "love nest" to connect. I NEVER imagined eight weeks ago that the thought of having sex would actually make me smile.

WIM helped me realize I was doing everything I could to avoid pleasure because it felt frivolous, unproductive, or selfish. Communicating boundaries to my husband was extremely helpful in helping me feel safe, and the concept of sex being female-led was honestly revolutionary. I cried when the program ended in sheer gratitude for Janna and her program.

Thank you so much!

My perspective on sex is SO different now!


I just didn't want sex at all. I couldn't care less if I had it, but felt massive amounts of guilt as my husband definitely did. We were so great in all other aspects of our marriage, so I couldn't understand why I couldn't do this one little thing for him. We would get into a cycle of arguments. We tried making changes but nothing worked. It would just fall back into me not wanting it and getting it over and done with as quickly as possible to keep him quiet for a while. I just assumed I had a low libido and needed something to 'fix' me.

We’ve experienced an absolutely massive improvement since the WIM course. I realized that I didn't need fixing and that I work perfectly fine as I am. There is no more pressure and I can genuinely enjoy the things that I love (such as a back tickle) without the fear of things escalating. 

WIM is the only thing that has worked for us. Now that I know what I know, I'll never be going back to the way it was before. WIM was the eye-opener we both needed.

WIM was the eye-opener we both needed!


At the time, I was experiencing struggles in my sex life including not experiencing pleasure. 

I felt hopeless and resigned about this issue - I thought to myself that this was just a part of my marriage I would have to cope with and suffer through.

However, taking this program has led to a major shift in my mindset about sex; that sex is good for me. 

WIM also increased my self confidence. I now feel more normal, less alone, and more empowered that we can do better, now that we know better. I am more confident to speak up about my needs and concerns. I am tapping into my creativity and joy as I follow my pleasure for the first time. 

I am so grateful for this program. It is life-changing; with simple but powerful concepts, lots of support and implementable action steps. Janna is incredibly honest, vulnerable, encouraging, and 100% in your corner, fighting alongside you in this tough, amazing journey.

You will discover things about yourself and female sexuality that you didn’t know before. You will have a whole new world opened up to you. It’s changed my married life trajectory in the best possible way, I’m sure of it.

I’m following my pleasure for the first time.


I would basically offer sex once the guilt and obligation had eaten me alive as a method to alleviate my conscience. Every few months we would have a major conversation about sex because we were both unhappy with our pattern and things would get slightly better for a short time.

Now I'm rejoicing in pleasure, comfort, and connection with my spouse, and I'm fighting for a nourishing time of connection that I look forward to.

Janna practices what she preaches. She doesn’t just ask us to be vulnerable, she models it. Janna doesn't just tell us to stand up for our own needs, she lets us know her needs from the group. Her healthy boundary setting with our group as our leader has had a strong impact on me.

Before this course, I didn't even know where to start because I thought the problem was me. Honestly, I don't think there is anything out there like this that wakes us up to look at the damaging effects culture has on healthy marriages. 

This program works and it is worth it because it starts with tearing down the lies we have been believing and replacing them with a healthier foundation that any marriage can grow from.

I'm rejoicing in pleasure, comfort, and connection with my spouse.


I had been struggling with experiencing my own pleasure, and communicating properly with my husband. I was hesitant to join because of the finances involved; it’s hard to wrap your mind around before experiencing it. 

However, it has been life-changing! The program has helped me to start figuring out my needs and giving them priority. It helped me go through my past, and figure out that I had the wrong thinking, and was putting my needs last. 

One of the things I liked best about the program was the effective layout of the weeks, there is one week to practice each ‘path’, etc. Janna is an amazing woman who tells it like it is, and makes it not awkward - which is incredible when using all of the words/labels that are associated with sex! 

Every married woman NEEDS to take this course. It is necessary for women to learn these principles and use them everyday - NOT just for sex. This course has changed my life and I need to tell every woman I know. Thank you Janna for overcoming all the obstacles and awkwardness and filling this need in our culture and society! I will forever be grateful. 

I’ve started figuring out my needs and giving them priority.


Not only did I just not want sex, but I DETESTED sex and felt resentful at my husband about it. Sex made me feel used and violated.

I am no longer resentful of my husband. I am still learning how to discover my own pleasure, but I now have the emotional space to do that.

I love the way that the program builds on itself. Janna does an awesome job at making the information AND actions approachable and sustainable. I loved the husband videos b/c it meant I didn't also have to TEACH my husband. I really, really liked that that burden wasn't placed on me. I have enough on my plate. ;)

This program is changing my life. 

I’m learning how to discover my own pleasure.

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“My pleasure matters!"

Dr. Laura Froyen is a family and marriage therapist, who hit some roadblocks in her own marriage. She struggled to find lasting solutions when seeking help from other doctors and therapists, and turned to Wanting it More for help. 
Not only did Laura find confidence in Janna's professionalism and expertise, but her marriage radically changed. Communication improved, connection increased, and she finally felt free to express her desires like never before!

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“Now waves of empowerment, love, strength, and support branch out of our bedroom."

Cait’s husband is her best friend, her soul mate and, in her eyes, the most incredible man. It was only in their sex life that she felt lost, alone and that no one understood her. Unfortunately years of therapy and intimacy coaches had not helped either. 
Then she enrolled in Wanting it More and now waves of empowerment, love, strength, and support branch out of their bedroom. Cait feels so much more in love, so content, so happy, safe and warm. For the first time in her 32 years she feels that it is okay just to be herself. Joining Wanting it More was one of the best decisions of her life.

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“It’s changed my married life trajectory in the best possible way"

Jessica felt hopeless and resigned about her lack of sexual desire and thought that this was just a part of her marriage that she would have to cope with and suffer through.

However, taking this program has led to a major shift in her mindset about sex; that sex is good for her. Jessica believes the program is life-changing; with simple but powerful concepts, lots of support and implementable action steps. Now she is more confident to speak up about her needs and concerns and is tapping into her creativity and joy as she follows her pleasure for the first time.

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“We have this intimacy and connection that we haven’t had for years."

Before WIM, Sarah believed her role was to give her husband everything he wanted. Deep down, she knew forcing herself to feel desire was a constant struggle that left her feeling lost and broken.

WIM changed everything. Sarah discovered her own needs and wants were just as important as her husband's. With newfound freedom to explore pleasure and speak her truth, she and her husband have rediscovered the joy of intimacy, and their relationship is stronger and more fulfilling than ever before.

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Increasing Connection


Much of the time we felt like two people who shared a living space but didn’t connect or enjoy our time together as much as we knew we could. Sex was a task to check off for me, which didn’t leave my husband feeling happy, loved, and connected like he wanted.      

Having a planned time of connection each week has been so life-giving to our relationship. My husband commented that he really enjoyed that we were intentionally taking time to be together and not just rushing through. We enjoy taking the time to really be together to talk, communicate, and explore with no rush. We are getting along better in general and feel more connected during the rest of the week. 

We are getting along better in general and feel more connected.


I have had a massive shift in connection with my husband. We feel way more connected and in love. When my husband 'got' what had been going on for me - society's pressure, his pressure, my own shame and belief that there was something wrong with me. His apology was so validating and freeing. 

I don't think we've fought in the last month. I feel so much more free to be me, to figure out what I want and don't want and am learning to be more assertive about it. I have enjoyed our sexual experiences more than I’ve ever had in our 13 years of marriage. 

It's been marriage-changing, and life changing. The content & community have enabled me to take significant steps toward freedom, true connection & intimacy with my husband. 

About Janna? She is clear, kind and firm. She's the coach you want for this.

It's worth it even if it's just for you. You will change, and that will change your marriage.
It's worth it for your marriage - better connection will enhance every area of it.
It's worth it for your children - you will be able to teach them a better path forward.
It's worth it for your sphere of influence. Healed people heal others. 

I’ve had a massive shift in connection with my husband.


We would have lots of arguments about our sex life and could never find a way to resolve it or find a way out of our problems. I told him years before I even knew about the program that I wanted to want it more, but I didn't know why I didn't want to. 

From this program I have gained a deeper connection with my husband; we talk with far more vulnerability and honesty. My husband is responsive to my needs and pleasure, and the sexual experience is no longer focused on what is pleasurable solely for him. 

He is patient and understanding and incredibly happy with the changes in our sex life. I feel far more at ease and safe in our relationship; the pressure I felt to have sex with my husband is greatly reduced.

All the women in the program came from very different life circumstances and Janna has found a way to support a great amount of diversity. The community of women she built is amazing. Janna cares, and wants to make a positive change in our lives, as well as in greater society. She gives tough love when needed; she's no pushover. She is an inspiration. 

Wanting it More is empowering without being discriminatory or demeaning to men which is also so important. It's fantastic!

I’ve gained a deeper connection with my husband.


I was hesitant to join because of the finances, but when divorce is your next option, this is a cheaper route, and it’s also cheaper than counselling (and SO much more effective). 

As a result of this program, my husband and I have laughed together more in the last 7 weeks than we had ever in the last 5 years! I touch him (hold his hand, kiss him good night, rub his back, etc.) now without feeling ANY pressure to “take it further”. 

When I started this program we were on month 7(ish) of having no intimacy (cuddles, back rubs, intercourse...) because I was tired of just giving in, because that’s what I thought I had to do.

Now, I look forward to our time together and I get excited. Genuinely excited! 

I love everything about this program! Janna is real! Honest! Passionate! Genuine! Kind! A true leader! Holistic! The most important thing I want people to know is that she is like a best friend.  

This program is a LIFE-CHANGER. Think of this program as self-improvement and as marriage improvement. It’s so applicable to all areas of life. 

We’ve laughed together more than we’ve ever had in 5 years.


Following this course, my husband and I have way better and deeper conversations. We are both avoiders, so we were just withdrawing and turning away from each other instead of connecting. 

We are now connecting! 

I feel like I don't have to suffer through my marriage anymore and I have hope that we will have a thriving, amazing, happy, and long marriage. 

It also helped me heal a lot of sexual shame. Janna changed our lives. Truly.

I liked SO MUCH about this program. The community has been absolutely amazing. Also, the program focuses on empowerment and female power which is transformational. Janna is so sincere, passionate and committed to helping women reach their full potential and cast off the limiting beliefs that hold us down. 

We are now connecting!


Before the course, sex with my husband was infrequent, or sometimes non-existent. When sex did occur, I left the marriage bed feeling less connected with my husband than ever. 

I remembered loving sex in the past; therefore, I thought I must have become broken. I bought into every media influence that there was something " wrong" with me for not wanting sex while, simultaneous believing the comedic story of "married people don't have good sex lives”. 

However, we now have consistent sexual experiences where I am in my element: happy and satisfied. 

I can actually say now, "I have good sex in my marriage!" 

With that said, my husband and I have improved more than just our sex life. Our dialogs have become more open and real. We are connecting more, daily, and have far fewer disagreements.

The "Wanting It More" course is much more than a program about sex. It's about empowerment and loving yourself enough to know you are "worth it”. Janna creates a truly "safe space" for us to be our authentic selves in all our messy glory.    

We are connecting more, daily, and have far fewer disagreements.


It was getting to the point where I found myself avoiding even small acts of affection (kissing, hugging, etc.) because I didn’t want it to lead to sex later on that evening. I was feeling broken, lonely, and very disconnected from my husband.

Wanting it More has helped me develop a feeling of safety around the topic of sex with my husband. We are able to be so much more affectionate and loving with each other in non-sexual ways, as well as connecting with and understanding each other better when it comes to sex. 

As a coach, Janna is “real”. She has a lot of great knowledge but doesn’t deliver it in a way that feels like we are being talked down to.

We’re so much more affectionate and loving with each other.


In my case, I went from a miserable, even dead-end marriage to a well-balanced and loving and joyful relationship! I had to work hard to change old habits and patterns, but I DID it, with Janna's help and the support of our community. 

I feel strong. I feel empowered. I feel like I can love myself and my husband again. That is priceless to me. This program is amazing and transformative. The principles are so very simple, and yet so powerful. 

Having Janna walk each of us through this journey has been incredible. She is such an incredible ally, support person, and coach. 

And while having a group of women go through the program simultaneously was awkward at first, I wouldn't have it any other way!! I learned so much from each person in this group.

My marriage is forever changed, but so am I, in every facet of my life! Thank you Janna!

My marriage is forever changed.


I was really struggling with a lack of desire for my husband. I felt defeated and broken. I was hesitant about the program because I was worried it wouldn’t work. But WIM has been amazing! 

It gave me the tools and confidence to open up a new level of communication with my husband. 

After almost 20 years, our relationship is better than it has ever been. I love feeling desire for my husband. 

I no longer dread sex. And Janna is amazing! She is so sweet, knowledgeable and encouraging. It is so nice to have someone teaching you who knows exactly what you are talking about because they have been right where you are.

Our relationship is better than it has ever been.

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“It led to us connecting on a level that we’ve never connected before."

Before joining WIM, Thia often felt guilt and pressure to meet a standard of what sex looked like in a happy marriage. She felt shame in exploring her own body and her husband's body and saw sex as her duty to be a good wife.

During WIM, she found the freedom to start exploring and reaching a level of connection that they hadn’t experienced before. She now looks forward to their intimate times together and sees them as the highlight of her week. She finds their experiences special, adventurous and full of connection. 

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“I feel free."

Before signing up for Wanting it More, Angie had tried everything to ‘fix’ her lack of sexual desire. It was an impressive list that included doctors, supplements, oils, teas, books, and making changes for her health. 
Initially Angie was skeptical about Wanting it More because nothing else had worked, however after taking the course she sums up the changes to her life with the word freedom. She and her husband think about sex in an entirely different way, her marriage is stronger, communication is better, her husband is satisfied and there are no more fights about sex.

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“Instead of sex being a fight it brings us together and we enjoy it."

At her most desperate hour Lisa responded to an ad for the Wanting It More program and now she feels it was the best decision she ever made for her marriage. 
In the 11.5 years of marriage sex had been a fight, a chore, something to check off a list. The program transformed everything and gave them the language that enabled them to understand each other.  A month later, instead of sex being a fight, it brings Lisa and her husband together and they enjoy it. Now she wants to shout from the rooftops about how amazing Wanting it More is.

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“My sex life has been redefined and rediscovered!"

Keira had not had sex for over a year. She never really enjoyed it and always viewed it as a 'have to' rather than a 'want to.' She joined WIM because she felt disconnected from her husband and was frustrated and broken. Despite loving him deeply, she wanted to desire him.

After completing WIM, Keira now feels empowered and has finally discovered her self-worth. Her sex life is now filled with fun and learning, and she will always be grateful for signing up for the program.

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Overcoming Sex Anxiety


I struggled with the slightest of "intimate" gestures. A simple hug became a quick turn away. A grab of my hand became a nervous feeling. Bedtime became a waiting game for one to go to bed long before the other. Just before finding WIM, we were no more than roommates.

WIM has taught me how to use my voice when I want/need something or when I DO NOT want something. This has improved in more than just my sexual experiences. I have learned to take pleasure in the everyday simple things that I took for granted previously, and to make finding pleasure part of my daily ritual. I have learned to have compassion for myself as I now know that I AM NOT BROKEN. I learned that boundaries have to be set and have consequences when they are broken, in ALL parts of my life.

WIM has taught me how to
use my voice.


My husband and I would have the same circular fights about sex and we were never on the same page. He wanted sex WAY more than I did (I would’ve been fine without having sex at all). He would constantly do things that I didn’t like which pushed me away even more, such as: frequently making sexual comments; grabbing my butt, crotch, or boobs whenever he wanted (even though I had asked him to stop multiple times). There was always this pressure on me to try to have sex enough to prevent him from being mad. It almost always felt like a chore and I was usually doing it just for him. All of these things built up a lot of anxiety, and I was to the point where I hated having sex.

Many of the issues we were having have improved since practicing the ways of WIM. The pressure and anxiety has been taken off of me. My husband has realized a lot from watching the husband videos. He has learned to back off and give me the space I need, which has actually made me WANT to come to him. I have learned to establish boundaries and he is learning to respect them/me. We feel more connected and we have this new spark that we haven’t had since the beginning of our 13 year relationship! We still have our struggles once in a while, but they are much more mild because we are communicating better. We seem to recover more quickly from arguments now. I actually look forward to going to bed and cuddling with him every night. We are happier as a couple in general. This is not a destination; it’s a journey and we are learning as we go.

The pressure and anxiety has been taken off of me.


Sex was our biggest fight and my greatest source of stress. 

My husband wanted sex every night. He was never satisfied. I never wanted sex. Every night, the same thing. Would my body turn on? How could I get out of it tonight? Will he be hurt? Will we fight? How long would we have to play this game tonight before I could actually get some sleep? I felt like a failure. 

My thoughts have changed dramatically. I have practical phrases and tools to use and the nightly stress is GONE. COMPLETELY GONE. 

Fear is leaving in so many ways and is being replaced by confidence and bravery.

Our communication is stronger than ever. 

This program is easily worth 10x the investment required. More than that. It really IS different than anything else out there. I can't promise it will fix your marriage, but you will learn SO much. 

My life is absolutely forever changed, and so is my marriage. 

The nightly stress is GONE, COMPLETELY GONE.


I didn't want sex, I didn't want to learn about sex...too traumatic! Just the thought of it created a lot of anxiety.

An environment of truth and trust was established very early on in the program. I never felt like I was being forced to do anything I didn't feel comfortable with...I could trust my own intuition at every step. 

There were a few concepts presented that I am not sure I completely agree with (still processing and working through) but that is ok and I never felt pressure to have to conform with everything. 

I have experienced a lot of personal healing. After not having any type of sexual activity with my husband for 4 months I am amazed that we have enjoyed very emotional and physically intimate moments.

I have experienced a lot of personal healing.


I had no desire for sex or intimacy with my husband. The thought made me feel physically nauseous and I avoided all touch, closeness, intimate conversation, etc for fear that it might lead to sexual advances. 

My husband wanted and asked for sex every day and it led to a cycle of him asking, me rejecting, him feeling sad/depressed/angry, a big fight about his attitude/lack of sex, me feeling guilty, eventually me giving in to sex, then feeling resentful and disconnected and avoiding all touch again. Repeat for 10 years! 

The program was absolutely life-changing in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I went into this thinking our marriage was perfect except for the "sex problem" and came out with a new found love and connection with my husband. This will be a turning point in my life and our marriage forever! 

I like that Janna is very real, truthful, and authentic. I like that the lives and calls were not scripted or pre-recorded and every time brought a new energy or topic of discussion. 

She was extremely involved with the program and participants which made it feel more personal. I also really enjoyed the Facebook group for connecting with other women. It helped to have a space to discuss what we were working on and any issues or need for support.

This will be a turning point in our marriage forever!


When I joined Wanting it More, I was struggling with never being interested in sex, and with being fearful and stressed about 'intimacy' as I knew it. 

However, the result of this program has been much more closeness, intimacy and connection with my husband. It has also given me more confidence in myself, and led me to pay more attention to the pleasures in life. 

Janna covered everything so well in the program!! It is set out thoughtfully, it gets to the ‘next step’ at the right time, and there is plenty of support and connection with others, so I didn’t feel so broken. 

Janna is awesome and I knew she had my back. To anyone worried that the investment won’t be worth it: it is worth it in so many ways, so much more than just "sex". It was money absolutely well spent. I loved it and I'm grateful, and glad that I did it! 

From fearful and stressed to closeness and connection.

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“Just the breath of fresh air that I needed in my soul and in my marriage"

After 10 years of marriage to a loving, gentle, amazing husband Sara was burnt out trying to figure out sex. She had read all the books, taken a class, talked to a counselor and friends, but nobody was able to relate to her problem. She felt like a failure and was resigned to living a life in which sex didn’t work for their marriage.
Sara joined Wanting it More on the recommendation of a friend and partway into it she had the most open, honest conversation about sex that she had ever had with her husband. Since then they have seen such improvement and now she is happy to spend her energy putting steps into practice that make for a safer, warmer, and more connecting intimate experiences. She is so grateful that she tried one more thing before giving up.

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"I feel like a different person."

Melissa suspected that many of the things that go with having four kids, the hormonal changes, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and just being ‘touched-out’ contributed to her low sex drive. 

She was thrilled and surprised to find Wanting it More as it spoke directly to her needs. It has been life-altering for her marriage as it has completely reframed how she interacts with her husband. She feels like a different person. Now she can’t stop raving about this program to every woman in her life, including mere acquaintances at the dog park. 

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“I actually want intimacy now!"

Kendall is 32 and has been married for 9 years. Before Wanting it More, she felt frustrated, discouraged, broken and resigned to the fact that she would have a lifetime of arguments about intimacy in her marriage.
In 2 short months, her marriage has completely changed and their intimate experiences now embrace unity, connection and wholeness.
They have regular intimate encounters that she is excited for and wants and she has discovered that she isn’t “broken” after all.

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Increasing Libido


Before taking this program, I worried, ‘Was the program going to work for us? What if my body is broken and I’m not a sexual being? What if I just never desire sex even after the program?’ 

At the time, I was never in the mood for sex. I was not wanting to be touched. I was wanting to do anything but engage in sex. I was feeling resentful towards my husband and I didn’t know why I felt so broken and discouraged.

I had been to therapy, read various books, listened to podcasts and spoke to sex coaches, yet I still felt lost and alone. 

I have seen MASSIVE CHANGES!! I feel safe and want to be vulnerable in our sex life. I feel more connected and in love with my husband. I feel so excited about our intimacy and how it will continue to evolve, and I know that I AM a sexual woman!!! 

Having Janna as our WIM Coach/Teacher was like a cozy warm blanket, and all of the love in the world that I needed to continue forward. Investing in the vitality of our marriage has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would do it over again tomorrow if I had to. In short, I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I AM a sexual woman!!!


I genuinely felt asexual. I just began to believe sex wasn't for me and I resigned myself to "helping" my husband because I could do it and like most unpleasant jobs working moms do, I just zoned out and went through the motions. 

Neither one of us could figure out a way. I started to understand the old Royalty's ways of having mistresses and honestly started to believe that I would be perfectly happy if my husband were to find someone to fill this need for him.  

The biggest difference we noticed was an increased comfort and knowledge around sex and feeling zero pressure to perform. With these two in check...increased connection, better communication and eagerness for intimacy.  

This is the full meal, all-inclusive, well-rounded program you need to jump-start/ interrupt the pattern of a dark, dismal, repetitive, and unfulfilling sex life. If you do the work, you will undoubtedly get mind-blowing results. 

You can read your own books, listen to as many podcasts as you like, watch the YouTube videos, chat with the same old people around you and *maybe* make tiny unsustainable changes here and there. Or you can join WIM and have a specific, achievable strategy to find the immeasurable lasting connection we were all created for. 

From feeling asexual to an eagerness for intimacy.


We hadn't been sleeping in the same bed together for 3-4 years. I had pretty much no desire at all and even pushed my husband away when he tried to touch me. This was a point of frustration in our marriage for sure and often left me feeling alone, distant/resentful to my husband, and asking myself "What's wrong with me?"
After about three weeks into the program, I found myself really wanting to hug and kiss my husband where before it was just a peck and half-hearted hug.
Janna is kind-hearted and passionate about validating and empowering women to have the most amazing sex life. She really wants to see us have our best sex life ever! 
It is the first program I have seen that spoke to exactly how I was thinking and feeling about myself and my sex life.  
I wasn't wanting it at all and now I do!

I wasn't wanting it at all and now I do!


We had sex weekly, but I dreaded it. I would have been happy to live a sexless life. I didn’t see any benefit from it. My husband and I argued cyclically about sex - why I never initiated anything, why it was so hard for me to get “in the mood”.

My turning point was a very small, yet very big moment. I, for the first time in ages, initiated a hug. And I had never felt more tingly feelings in a hug since probably my dating years. It was powerful, and for the first time, I felt hope that things could change for the better.

Janna had a way of making me feel like I was being wrapped in a warm, comforting hug. She made me feel like I was going to be ok, even when everything between my husband and I felt really icky. 

This program is beyond my hopes. I had all the nerves and all the excuses, but something inside of me was screaming, DO IT! All of these years, I felt alone in my issues and I found a community of women who understood all that I was going through. 

For the first time in ages, I initiated a hug.


We would go long periods (often 2-4 months) without sex. He wouldn't pressure me, but I'd feel guilty myself for not giving him sex on a regular basis. In my head I thought 'normal' couples would be having sex at least twice a week. This was so far away from what I wanted, I simply didn't ever feel in the mood. 

There was an elephant in the room, but day-to-day we were managing OK. But I was scared that seeking any kind of help would either lead me down an uncomfortable path where I'd just have to learn to 'get over myself' and 'spice things up', or else perhaps start to reveal cracks in our marriage that I didn't even know were there.

I am much more at ease because I no longer need to be thinking about whether I can force myself to 'get in the mood' tonight, nor keeping a painful tally of how many weeks I've 'withheld' sex from my 'poor husband'.

Janna successfully blends compassion with a no-nonsense approach. The way she addresses topics that have lots of potential for very vulnerable and awkward feelings has been inspirational. 

I am much more at ease.

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“WIM is the best investment I have made in many years."

In her sixties, Shelley was hesitant to try WIM, feeling she might be too old and wondering if it would be worth it at her age. 
To her pleasant surprise, the program worked wonders on her mindset and her marriage and she says it’s one of the best investments she’s ever made

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“Your relationship has potential for so much more than what you thought was possible."

During their 18 years of marriage Sonja and her husband had decided to go their separate ways five times. After the most recent row they set a time limit for fixing it.

When they couldn’t get a marriage counselor they decided to give Wanting it More a try. A few weeks into the program things started to change and then changed dramatically. Wanting it More has been revolutionary in Sonja’s marriage and she feels like they are at a new beginning; one where they can start fresh and sculpt and create a new life that they have always wanted. 

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“I joined to 'fix' my lack of desire but came away with so much more."

When Gemma joined Wanting it More she found out that there are lots of women, like her, who love their husbands dearly but have lost their desire to have sex with them. 

Through the program she has rediscovered herself in a more wholistic sense which has allowed her the space to grow and see things in a new light and to actually want intimate experiences with her husband. For Gemma, Wanting it More is not a quick fix or bandaid but a life-changing journey, one that she is so grateful to be on. It is an investment in a healthy future for her marriage, as she grows and navigates this world. 

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Overcoming Religious Shame


Growing up very religiously, I had developed a lot of negative thinking about sex in general and my own sexuality. This program has given me a whole new understanding of women's sexuality. 

I’ve realized that I AM a sexual being. My desire just needs to be cultivated in a way that I didn't understand how to do. It helped me adapt my thinking in a way that helped me remain connected to my faith and embrace this part of marriage!

One of the things I LOVE about this course is how simple and powerful the principles are! 

I also LOVED the group that we created!! These women were powerhouses and were all so inspiring. I learned from each of their experiences. They have become some of my closest friends even though we were perfect strangers 8 weeks ago! 

Janna doesn’t just talk the talk. She has walked the walk. She has been in the trenches. She is PASSIONATE about helping women transform their thinking around sexuality. And because of ALL of these things, she GETS RESULTS.

I AM a sexual being.


Early on when talking about culture, I thought about my religious upbringing. This had a more profound and lasting impact on my life than I think I had realized. 

I realize that I struggle daily with renouncing the ideologies I was raised with. 

I realized that nothing that was said or done was my fault and I can let go of the shame and guilt I've carried for so many years. 

WIM has been more than a program regarding increasing desire. I learned the traumas of my past are not my fault. I learned that I deserve and can have pleasure in my life. 

Overall, I am happier, healthier, and my marriage is in an all around better place. 

One evening following an argument with my husband, I picked up my phone and there was an ad for WIM. It addressed everything I was feeling. At that moment, I made the most spontaneous decision I've ever made: I signed up. 

No pros and cons, no calendar checking - I just did it. And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Just take the jump. You won't be disappointed. 

I can let go of the shame and guilt I've carried for so many years.

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“I believe this program is groundbreaking."

At first Stacey was skeptical about the Wanting it More program. Would it be too fluffy, flaky, or religious? Stacey and her husband had tried councillors and therapists to fix their sex life but nothing had worked. So she took a leap of faith and joined WIM. 

She believes that this program is groundbreaking and is so grateful for the changes that she has seen in her marriage. She has healed from the past, let go of resentment, and has deeper connections, love, and intimacy with her husband. She now has hope, excitement, and confidence for the future. 

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“Our communication has improved dramatically."

After seventeen years of marriage Rachel was feeling emotionally disconnected from her husband. But she didn’t feel broken, her body worked just fine, so she wondered if WIM was for her. After hearing Janna’s description of the program she knew it was and joined. 

WIM has not only improved her sex life it has affected all other aspects of her life and she now feels more confident and assertive. Communication with her husband has improved dramatically and Rachel finds herself laughing in bed with him and feeling very connected.

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Improving Communication about Sex


My husband and I seemed to be on different pages pretty regularly. He always wanted it, and I felt like I needed a break. We were having sex multiple times a week, and it wasn't always terrible. 

I didn't struggle really to have orgasms, but it was like nothing he did felt good. I knew he felt like a failure, and I felt helpless in how to guide him to touch me. 

In our sex life, there has been a complete transformation. I have not felt awkward or silly but strong and decisive. I feel very confident and vocal. We have talked SO much about sex and communication as well.

There is a lot of common sense in this program. You take the tools and put them to work yourself. You learn how they work as you practice them over time, but it's all about the individual. It's not full of rules but of encouragement. 

Janna is the genuine artifact. She honors the husbands, honors marriage, she believes in right relationships.      

I feel very confident and vocal.


We were in a vicious cycle of trying to figure out why my husband and I couldn't connect in our sex life the way we both longed to. We were having long conversations which ended in tears and blaming and hopelessness.

We were both bored, unsatisfied, discouraged and feeling broken. I thought maybe we just weren't capable of giving one another what we needed, especially because I didn't know WHAT I needed! Turns out, we needed a total mindset overhaul that this program gave us! 

We are now more open, honest, and vulnerable in our talks about sex. We know more about what I need to feel safe, secure, connected, and able to experience pleasure.

We’re now more open, honest, and vulnerable.


After the program, my husband and I are able to communicate in ways that are so helpful. Before, every conversation about sex would feel like walking on egg shells but now we can address it all head on and with much more vulnerability. 

We’ve had much greater sex, but if you asked my husband what he’s the most thankful for from this program, it’s the ability to have those more vulnerable and safe conversations.

I learned that I actually do like physical touch, something I was shocked to discover! And I love having a marriage that is filled with more non-sexual touch regularly. It creates such a safe and welcome place for our connection to start and invites us to more.

We are having those more vulnerable and safe conversations.


I was feeling like I was expected to keep my husband happy with sex in both touch and frequency and feeling like I didn’t have a voice to be heard by him or be understood.

Communication has been so much better. We have recovered from disagreements much more quickly. I feel like my husband hears me now and considers what I say as having a lot more validity and value in our relationship.

I feel so much less pressure now in my marriage, I can cuddle by my husband at night in bed and know I won’t be asked for sex. I am happier. 

Going through Wanting it More has made a significant difference for me in deepening the connection and intimacy in my marriage as well as providing opportunity for my own personal growth and development.

My husband hears me now.

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“It’s like new love."

In her mid-thirties Adrienne decided that she was tired of the same cyclical disagreements around sex that plagued her marriage. Her desire was inconsistent and low while her husband’s was high and she found that trying to turn herself into a ‘playboy bunny’ to please him was exhausting. 
Wanting it More has completely changed the dynamics of their interactions around intimacy and Adrienne is delighted. She now has a light-hearted connection with her husband that feels like their ‘pre-kid’ days when just a look between them would produce smiles and giggles; it’s like new love.  

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“The program was mind opening and challenging."

For all of her 27 years of marriage, Amy had never enjoyed sex, even though she had tried to ‘fix’ the problem with multiple councilors, books, and effort. Nothing had worked!

After finding Wanting it More Amy was concerned that it might not align with her religious beliefs or she might be asked to do things that she would be uncomfortable with. The opposite proved to be true! The program was mind-opening and challenging and she also found that she was not alone. Amy is so grateful because she needed something new and different, something to open her mind, heart, ideas, and thoughts. 

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Overcoming Painful Sex


Sex had been a struggle for our entire marriage. We were both virgins when we got married and we somehow expected things to just fall into place naturally. There was a lot of pressure for how sex was supposed to be and I found it to be painful and awful. Eventually I lost all desire for any kind of physical touch because I was afraid it would lead to more than what I wanted. I went to different doctors and a therapist for three years with no positive results. The conclusion always seemed to be that something was wrong with me. I felt like my body was broken. Before WIM, I really thought this was just how it was going to be for us and surely I was one of the only people in the world who just couldn't do the whole sex thing.

WIM has shown me that there is no one right definition of sex. While working through the paths, I have taken ownership of my life in so many ways. I have learned there is nothing wrong with me. I am not broken. My husband and I are on the path to greater understanding and intimacy. Together, we have been breaking down the barriers that society has built up for us and I am slowly, but surely beginning to feel little bits of pleasure again (it helps that I have a new definition of pleasure!). This program has brought me more hope in eight weeks than I have had for the past 16 years. I cannot express how life-changing this is. This will be a life-long journey and I have already noticed a big change in my relationship with my husband.

I have taken ownership of my life in so many ways.


I struggled with never wanting to have sex, ever. I just repressed it and didn't think about it, but it was devastating to my husband. Penetration always hurt at least a bit (and it hurt the day afterwards too), but I would just 'push through'. 

I had tried dilators, pelvic floor therapy, doctors, a sex therapist, nothing had worked. 
During the program, I was able to unexpectedly, have pain free (and really good) penetrative sex for the first time ever!! 

I'm now finding myself wanting it multiple times a week!! 

I was initially worried about it not being one-on-one, but after I started, I realised that being a group actually made it better, because it made me realise that what I was experiencing was so NORMAL - just no one talks about it! 

Janna is warm, an amazing presenter, and she's very "yes, AND"-ee. What I mean by that is she never shuts you down, or makes you feel judged.

I paid thousands in one-on-one therapy and it didn't get me any results. Janna’s approach is revolutionary!

I had pain free penetrative sex for the first time ever!


I felt disgusted at the thought of sex, mostly because I would just grin and bear it, through the pain, so that my husband could have an orgasm. 

But through this program, I no longer have to live with the guilt of feeling like a horrible wife for not wanting to have sex with my husband. Now we are intimate on a weekly basis, and I don't dread it anymore. Instead, I feel comfortable and it is pleasurable. 

Janna Denton-Howes is so amazing, kind, open, and honest. It is obvious how much she cares for all the women in this program and will do whatever she can to help.  

Every day I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to stumble onto this course which has turned my marriage onto a better and more hopeful path.

I feel comfortable and it is pleasurable.

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“I feel liberated!"

After being with her husband for 18 years Anne knew that sex did not feel good anymore. She didn’t know why. Was it just low libido or did having children have anything to do with it? In any case she felt broken and only had sex in order to fulfill her spousal duty to her husband. 

After joining Wanting it More Anne no longer felt alone or broken as she connected with women all around the world who were in the same boat as her. She felt liberated knowing that sex did not have to be the way it was depicted in society. Anne has no regrets about joining Wanting it More because she now has the tools she needs to get back to enjoying a healthy sex life.

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“I am not alone!"

When Becky found her desire waning in her marriage, she was left feeling broken and alone. She was stuck in feelings of guilt, shame and fear that things would never change.
Through Wanting it More, Becky discovered that not only was she not alone, but there were hundreds of other women with stories like hers. She felt normal and validated in her experiences. Now, she feels empowered to let go of the guilt and experience true connection and pleasure!

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“My life has changed very drastically."

Melissa and her husband had a strong relationship but avoided sex because it was painful. After attending the free class, she immediately “joined WIM on a whim”, and was grateful to find a community of women who helped her learn that she was not alone and was not broken. 

After joining WIM, her life has changed drastically. She has more confidence and is more self assured, not just in sex but in many areas of her life. This has brought a lot of freedom and happiness to her life. She has learned that intimacy doesn’t have to equal pain and she is eternally grateful to have found WIM! 

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Rekindling Desire After Kids


My libido completely vanished a few months after having my daughter. I described it to friends as "the engine still works, but the starter is completely gone." It was especially upsetting because I had always had a strong sex drive. 

I had heard other women complain of a lack of desire after kids, but they usually followed it up with "but I never had much of a drive to begin with." So I didn't think it would happen to me. When it did it felt like a huge part of my personality just fell off somewhere. It affected my identity, my self-esteem, and my relationship with my husband. I was desperate for help to get back to feeling like me again.

Wanting It More has helped me work through many issues and create a clearer sense of self. I realized that much of what makes me, me, was getting lost as I relentlessly pursued being the best possible mom. I wasn't making time for any of my passions and my spirit was suffering for it. Prioritizing my pleasure was a major shift from only being "mom" to being "mom and lover of life". 

I didn't even realize how many areas I was trying to fit myself into a stupid tiny box until Janna encouraged me to step back and only pursue what was right for “me”. 

Janna gives suggestions without snark and truly doesn't judge. I don't know anyone better to guide women through the emotional, difficult, and confusing goal of revolutionizing their sex lives.     

From “mom” to “mom and lover of life”

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“Now I can't keep my hands off of him!"

Denice avoided sex with her husband and had all kinds of excuses to help her get out of it. She wasn’t happy but her husband didn’t know how unhappy she was. After an horrific but typical, sexual experience she called up Janna and asked if she could join Wanting it More, even though she had missed the deadline. 

She was overjoyed with the results of the program. It allowed her to change things that had been in her heart for 15 years. It opened up communication in her marriage and has helped her to think differently, to have new interpretations, and to talk about all kinds of ‘stuff’ with her husband. 

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“We are now on the same page."

Emma decided to give Wanting it More a go because her marriage was not in a good place when it came to sex; she never, never wanted to do it and her husband was getting upset about it.

Emma and her husband are connecting so much more and they are now on the same level. They have come a long way, and have a long way to go, but what they have learnt so far is amazing. They are on the same page and their relationship is much, much stronger and healthier as a result.

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Overcoming Trauma


This program made me face the fact that I was sexually abused by my father in high school. As much as I thought I could separate the two relationships, my body wasn't allowing it.  There's more healing to do due to that trauma, but boundaries are a hurdle I think every woman will have to jump, and this group gives the support to know that it's 100% ok to make those demands!

I can't begin to attempt and explain the vast changes this program has made in me, for me and around me. This is LIFE changing, not just about sex, but about every day subjects.  The connection between my husband and I gets better and better daily. It's becoming more and more like when we first met. 

Janna has lived it. She has been in our shoes and fought this fight by taking the same steps she shares with us.  I would say that if ANYTHING a woman has read or heard about the program resonates with her or her relationship, that this program will get her results. This program is legit and worth every moment and penny of investment. It's life changing and honestly I truly believe any woman in a relationship should take this program. 

This program without a doubt has empowered our marriage to become the best it can be. Also, it has empowered me, as a woman, to be much more proud of myself and to be shameless about allowing myself pleasure.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I’m empowered, as a woman, to be shameless about pleasure.


We struggled with my husband’s pornography addiction, going months without intimacy, and feeling triggered during sex by previous traumatic experiences. 

Now I have better communication with my husband., crave my husband's touch and really yearn to touch him also.  

We have started reading books together each night. We openly affirm each other in ways we never have been able to before. We are laughing together again. Sex isn't easy still but I see how we really do have all the tools to get there. It will just take time at this point. 

To other women I would say there isn't any way this can't work for you because you aren't the problem! This is a course in how to cultivate "intimacy well-being". Not a course in how to treat pathology.  

You will learn how to nurture all of the beautiful parts of you so you will blossom into the mature sophisticated woman you always were, but didn't know. 

This course has an incredible amount of one-on-one support. You will feel seen and heard and known.  

You will learn how to nurture all of the beautiful parts of you.

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“It’s changed everything"

April describes WIM as coming out of nowhere, but at the perfect time in her life where she was open to receiving the information. She had experienced trauma and had always felt sexually broken and like something was wrong with her. 

She was very skeptical about joining, but describes WIM as giving her the language she had been searching for her entire adult life. She’s finally having productive conversations with her husband that lead to the connection they’ve both been longing for. 

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“It has changed my life and how I view myself and my worth"

Before joining Wanting it More, Gemma watched a number of the testimonials, thinking to herself that she would never make one herself if she joined. What changed her mind? 

For Gemma the program was absolutely amazing and empowering. It has brought her closer to her husband with more intimacy than ever before. It enabled her to see things in a new light, in fact a very clear light that has changed her life and sense of worth. She promises that, if you join, you will feel the benefits and will want ‘it’ more too. 

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“I have so much hope!"

For thirty years, Laura and her husband were stuck in a cycle: intimacy, avoidance, resentment, then eventually intimacy again. She was about to book an appointment with an intimacy therapist when she chose to join Wanting it More instead.
Just eight weeks later, she feels an immense sense of hope for the future of her marriage. Her and her husband now have tools to experience connection in a much deeper way!

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HIS Perspective


I think this program is excellent. The message is clear. The program works. I love that I now don't have to try to understand, decode or figure out my wife. I can listen, respond and appreciate! 

It has helped me to realize what my role was in our sexual relationship previously and why it wasn't working. I am happy with my progress and I believe my wife is too. It helped us to reconnect and refine what intimacy means to us. 

We now slow down, enjoy the moment, and connect with each other!

Janna and John are honest, true and genuine. They truly want to help couples be able to connect more intimately in their relationship. The fact that they are living the program themselves is huge, and they are always available.

 If you are a man with any doubts about the program’s effectiveness, I tell you that the program works, no doubt. You need to commit and be ready to make some changes. Be sure you have some time in your personal life to make it work. It needs to be a priority. 

The program helped me to look at our sex life from a new perspective and its been awesome.

We now slow down, enjoy the moment, and connect with each other!


I was hesitant about joining my wife in this program, mostly because I was dealing with self-shaming thoughts, and with what I found an embarrassing subject matter that we had never talked about, ever. 

We would have sex weekly, but it seemed forced; I was instigating all the time, and it wasn't satisfying for her. 

This program has led to more desire from my wife. I call her a ‘lioness’; she is now on the prowl from time to time, and she was passive before the program. 

There is less stress in the house, and in our relationship, and our relationship with the children. What I like best about the program is that it is all about my wife and her desires, and I had a few steps to follow to help her with that. 

John and Janna show that they support each other in everything they do and that they are a real couple with real experiences. To anyone whose wife is considering taking the program, I can say that this program is very effective in helping your wife, and helping with issues that she and you may not know about, that are inhibiting her desire. 

This program has led to more desire from my wife.


At the time of signing up for the program, sex had gotten really routine and ‘duty’ like. I could often sense that my wife was anxious and not really into it.  I struggled with taking this personally, as a reflection on me, which would lead to frustration, which would then lead to her feeling more pressure and anxiety. It was a pretty vicious cycle. 

I was really longing for something that felt a lot more mutual, rather than her just forcing herself to do this because she felt some duty and obligation to me. But as a result of this program, I would definitely say that we have had the best sex we've had in years. 

Our sexual experiences are much more mutual and we both feel strongly that the dynamic has almost totally changed.  Honestly, it feels like the pressure is off for both of us. I no longer feel the nagging question of, "is she going to enjoy it, and how does that reflect on me?", and she seems to largely be free of anxiety around if her body will work. It seems like it was just what we needed. 

The pointed nature of the program and extreme focus on practical ways to improve things have just been so helpful and produced such noticeable changes in our relationship. I have no regrets at all about the investment.  John and Janna seem like good honest people. They are vulnerable with their own story, which really helps. 

To any man whose wife is considering the program, and who has concerns about its effectiveness or value, I guess all I can say is that it has really been night and day for our marriage.

We’ve had the best sex we've had in years.

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Maureen & Bill

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“Jump in with two feet because all you have to lose is bad sex."

Derek was excited when his wife wanted to join Wanting it More however, he had fears that after a few months their sex life would return to its former state. 
In their marriage he always had to initiate sex and then his wife would only be minimally involved. He was bored with it and really wanted some change. Taking the program has made a huge difference to their marriage. Eight months later they are able to talk about sex, they are more physically affectionate, and their sex life is more adventurous and fulfilling.  

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“I really need to have a happy sex life."

Maureen and Bill are a creative and playful couple but they had a sad sex life that was definately not playful. It was in a guilty cycle of asking for it, avoiding it, and then giving in. When Bill enthusiastically encouraged Maureen to join WIM she resisted because she was tired of ‘working’ on their sex life. 

The program has been life-changing for both of them. Maureen now feels like sex is a gift that she looks forward to and Bill was willing to change so that she could feel safe, happy, and well taken care of. They both did the ‘work’.

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“We have more frequent & fulfilling intimacy!"

Mike’s wife took Wanting it More and before the program, he felt frustrated that he was constantly pursuing her and was never being pursued. He felt unloved, unwanted and disrespected even when they did "do it", because it felt like an obligation on her part.
As his wife continued with Wanting it More, their communication improved dramatically and he was able to understand what she was going through and needed. Now he thinks their intimacy is awesome - more frequent, fulfilling and fun.

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"We're closer than we've ever been!"

Before Callum's wife took the program, their relationship felt stale and intimacy was a one-sided routine. He was disappointed with his wife’s lack of desire and wanted his wife to actually enjoy the sensual experience.
After reluctantly agreeing to sign up for the program, Callum was pleasantly surprised when he began to see positive growth. Communication improved greatly, his wife's confidence soared and he started to see himself - and the world - in a brand new way.

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“We have found each other again!"

Seven years into their marriage and three small children to look after had left Danielle and her husband worried about their lack of connection. They were feeling really lost.

Wanting it More has given them some big eye-opening experiences that have given them the insight to change their marriage and bring more connection. Danielle and her husband have found each other again and are so grateful for the positive energy, understanding, and compassion that Janna and John brought to the program. 

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“Now the pressure isn't there and that feels glorious!"

Three years after completing the Wanting it More program Nick wants to be an encouragement to other men. Before taking the program he thought that he and his wife Rachel had a pretty good sex life, not realizing that it wasn’t so good for her. 

Through the program they learned to replace the feelings of pressure and rejection with safety, much more affection, intimacy, and ‘simmering’. In the past three years Nick and Rachel have learned a lot about intimacy and they are looking forward to growing even more in the future. 

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