"When women let go of
 the need to perform, please
and push, amazing
things happen."

I’m the founder of the Wanting it More movement. I help women married to men create a sex life that feels authentic and nourishing.

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This was how I felt for years!

My husband and I fought about sex frequently and I just ended up feeling guilty, resentful and broken. He wanted it more, I wanted it never.

Sound familiar?

After over 10 years of unsuccessfully trying to find the solution to this frustrating (and lonely) challenge, I decided to take my professional training as a Marriage Coach and my years of research to develop something that would actually work.

I discovered that I wasn’t broken after all! There was nothing to fix about ME, only everything to fix about the environment that I was in.

This means that it’s possible for YOU to enjoy a regular sex life too!

Do you ever wonder if the sexual part of you just doesn't work?

Now over 1,000 women have put the Wanting it More formula to the test and have been astonished by the results!

Education has to start with the assumption that you are already whole. There is nothing broken about you to be fixed.

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I live on Vancouver Island amongst forests, rivers, lakes, and the big beautiful Pacific Ocean. I have two teen daughters. 

I'm a highly sensitive person, introvert and a massive book-lover.

Fun fact: I got married at 17! 

My favorite drink is Earl Grey Tea with a splash of almond milk.

When I'm not at home, you can find me at the beach. Whether walking in the sand or roller-dancing on the sidewalk, it’s my happy place!

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