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Not Knowing Sexual Preferences Causes Lack of Libido in Women So many women who are struggling with a lack of intimacy in their marriages tell me that they feel broken. They feel like their body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to: wanting sex at least 3 times a week, loving intercourse and having mind-blowing orgasms […]

Why Understanding Our Bodies Can Help with a Lack of Intimacy in Marriage

Janna on chair with heading: 3 Barriers to Understanding Our Bodies, How to Overcome them to increase Libido
Janna with blog headline "How Cultural Messages and decreased libido in women are connected"

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Mainstream Media’s Portrayal of Sex Directly Impacts Intimacy Issues in Marriage Women who are searching for an answer to why they have low libido often start with the usual suspects- a blood test to make sure there aren’t any hormone imbalances, checking for medication side-effects and perhaps taking supplements. These are all good and important […]

How Cultural Messages and Decreased Libido in Women are Connected

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I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have been diagnosed with low libido, low sex drive, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. They all think there’s something wrong with them, and believe there are no other factors in their environment, ​culture, ​or relationship that may be contributing. However, what we don’t discuss are the strong cultural […]

Ladies, it’s NOT your fault!

4 ways history messed with your libido
unsure what you want in the bedroom

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Women often tell me, “I’m married to a great, understanding guy who wants to please me in the bedroom, but I don’t know what I want.” I have three reasons why this happens to so many women. #1: ​You’ve never had the opportunity to ​learn what you really want. Culture reminds us time and again […]

Unsure what you want in the bedroom?

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We are taught so much garbage when it comes to sex, our bodies, and how sex should look. Most of the work I do with the women I support is helping them unlearn the cultural messages that are not supporting them, their sex lives, their husband, or their marriage.​Here are 10 myths/beliefs that you need […]

‘I should enjoy oral sex’ and 10 other beliefs you need to unlearn

10 beliefs about sex to unlearn
How to make sex more enjoyable

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It took me quite a while to learn how to make sex enjoyable for me. I finally realized I was doing something that a lot of women do because we’re conditioned to. ​Here are the three root causes of why sex isn’t really satisfying and fulfilling for a lot of married women. ​First of all, […]

How to make sex more enjoyable

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​I am often asked, “What happens if I’m not attracted to my partner or husband anymore? How am I supposed to like and enjoy sex with them?”I am going to be very frank and honest about my own journey, as well as offer you some hope and relief that, yes, you can have an amazing […]

Not physically attracted to your husband?

Not physically attracted to yourhusband?
Guilty feelings about sex

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​Do you feel guilty that you aren’t speaking your husband’s love language? That you don’t respond to his advances? Guilty when you realize that you haven’t had sex in months or years? Guilty you’re not the wife you think your husband should have? I felt that weird mixture of guilt, anger, resentment, and frustration in […]

Guilty feelings around sex…

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​You’re a mom. You’re touched out and exhausted from providing needs for children all day long. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is hop into bed with your husband and provide yet another need for another person. You’re not craving intimacy…you’re craving alone time! You’re craving a time […]

Craving some alone time?

Craving alone time over intimacy.
Do you have consent issues in your marriage?

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Consent does not end with “I do.” Consent in marriage is incredibly important when we’re looking at the health of your sex life and the health of your libido. I help women who are married to men want and enjoy sex more. A huge barrier for women having natural, authentic, wanting and desire is a […]

Do you have Consent issues in your marriage?


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