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The Essential First Step to Wanting Sex More, That Most Therapists Ignore

In my journey to wanting it more, I found that people aren’t giving good advice. I wanted to know how to start wanting sex more. Where to begin. So here we are, we’re going to talk about it. The essential first step to wanting sex more.

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How Do Husbands React When Their Wives Make Bold Changes?

Today, I just did an interview with a woman who helps women in her community with weight loss and body image. We had a really great discussion, and one of the questions she asked kind of made me pause and think, so I thought I’d cover it in this week’s blog post.

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How to Deal With a Negative Spouse

Today’s topic is, as always… about my marriage – because my marriage provides a lot of things to think about when it comes to… well, marriage. Go figure. It’s a great laboratory for me to get good stories and to come up with ideas for these posts that I do for you guys every week.

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Story Time!

What My Husband Did That Completely Surprised Me

Today I just want to tell a story. Maybe you’ll get something out of it… and I hope you will!

The other day I was in a grumpy mood. It’s really grey and dreary here – I’m on the west coast of Canada – and it’s really affecting my mood (does that happen to you, or is it just me?), and my husband was an hour and a half late, so… you married ladies, you know what that’s like, when you’re trying to get dinner done and the kids and blah, and your husband is late and hasn’t called you.

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How to Stay Connected Through the Holidays

I’m going to talk about what to do before you go into having an experience with your family members, or people over at your home, or whatever you’re doing through the holidays. And what to do during, ’cause it can get a little challenging. And then after, how do you not break into a big fight, or whatever’s going to happen.

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Going Through a Tough Season in Your Marriage? This is For You.

I’m back! I was on vacation for three weeks (which turned into a month). I haven’t posted here in awhile and I thought, “Well, it’s about time.” What I am really into right now is talking about the purpose of marriage. Before we go further, this is for you if you are going through a tough season in your marriage, or you’re experiencing a test, or a moment of disconnection, or your spouse isn’t doing something that you want them to do, or it doesn’t look like they’re taking your marriage growth as seriously as you are. Maybe you’re feeling a little bit sorry for yourself. This is for you. This is for me. This is for everyone. This is not only for marriage relationships, but this is also for relationships in general.

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How To Use Your Thoughts To Transform Your Marriage

In today’s post, I am going to be talking about the power of your thought in transforming your marriage. I have been reading a book by somebody who wrote in the 20’s and 40’s, so she is long gone, but her works are really the basis of all the theories of manifestation or the power of our thoughts. If that term freaks you out, just hang tight. I might talk about a lot of stuff that is new and different in today’s post, but I just want you to just stay with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Would You Talk to Your Mom About Sex?

Have you ever talked to your mom about sex? That is the question we are going to be exploring today, because I have had a profound experience doing just that!

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The Key to Combat Loneliness as You Take Courageous Steps Improve Your Marriage

I believe that women are the spark of change in a marriage. Some people might not agree with me, and some women would rather not have that responsibility, but I think it’s a strength and a blessing that women have. I have seen men respond beautifully to that spark of change, if done in the right way.

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Why Aren’t Women Completely Honest With Their Husbands?

Today I’m going to be talking about why some women aren’t completely honest with their husbands about how they’re feeling about their sexual experience or how much they want it. That is always a big surprise to me and I think a lot of other women in my program, “30 Days to Wanting it More“. Some women come into it and they say, “You know, I really haven’t wanted sex for a very long time or enjoyed it very much, but my husband has no idea. In fact, we have sex quite frequently, and he has no idea.”

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