Do you want to want sex with your husband (but just don't)?

Find out which of the 4 Desire Fixes is right for YOU!

"I don't know anyone better to guide women...

Janna is an earnest, open, knowledgable, bubbly, warm-hearted person. She gives suggestions without snark and truly doesn't judge. I don't know anyone better to guide women through the emotional, difficult, and confusing goal of revolutionizing their sex lives.


"Janna is an amazing human being.

Janna is an amazing human being. She is so insightful and full of such wonderful information. She is so easy to listen to and doesn't beat around the bush. It's so refreshing!


"She gives you permission to feel afraid and to mess up.

Janna is incredibly encouraging and supportive while still being firm and uncompromising. She gives you permission to feel afraid and to mess up, but cheers you on as you stumble on towards a better sex life, and a better marriage!



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