5 Funny Sex Moments


Sex doesn’t have to be so darn serious! Today I’m going to share five funny sex moments of real life couples. Keep on reading if you want to know more!

I really don’t believe sex has to be so darn serious. In my last post, I talked about the differences between media sex and real sex. I just think we’re all trying to separate our lives too much. When we get into a sexual experience, we just leave our whole life behind, and we don’t talk, and everything has to be so sexy and romantic and intense, and blah, blah, blah. You know what? Real sex, really great, awesome sex is funny and awkward. There are moments where things are really intense, and then others that are really funny. Not to mention all of the “real life” things that go on as well! We’re talking interruptions, and cramps, and fluids… and other such “unromantic” things.

So because I know this, and I thought it could be funny, I asked the ladies in my 30 Days to Wanting It More Facebook group (we have a private Facebook group, we have so much fun in there), if they were willing to share a funny sex moment that they’ve had with their husband. Four brave souls said, “Yes,” and I’m going to share them with you, and add my own story at the end.

The first story was hilarious.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read it. They had just had a really wonderful, intimate sexual experience and she was on top, and they had both climaxed. Suddenly, she had the urge to sneeze. Well, in short… she did, and then he shot right out of her, really fast, in fact she used the words “floppy sausage” which I thought was hilarious, and they both just cracked up. That’s just too good, and so awesome. They probably had a lot of fun laughing at that one, and laughter is a wonderful connection to have with your spouse!

The second story was about a couple who decided to try shower sex.

I mean, you see it in movies and you’re like, “Why not? It looks kind of hot, let’s see.” They thought it would be a super fun idea, but then getting it right was really awkward and weird. They were slipping and falling, he was trying to hold onto her and he couldn’t because she was so slippery, and then there was the height difference. They were trying to get the “angle of dangle” just right, and then there was squatting, tippy-toe workout experiences, and all kinds of awkwardness. In the end, it definitely wasn’t what they were hoping for, but it was really funny and probably ended up in a lot of great connections.

The third story was about stopping right in the middle of it.

They were butt-naked and running down the hall because the baby woke up, and you just want to get to the baby as quickly as possible before they really wake up and things are completely done for.

The fourth moment was about a song they had been joking about

It was “Kissed by A Rose,” and they’d joked about it for a couple of days. She would say things like, “You can have a kiss from my rose,” (hehe). So they took a break mid-session for some reason and she decided to pull up the song and play it. He started laughing, and immediately went limp. So she realized maybe she shouldn’t do that again because it broke his concentration, but who cares? Things ebb and flow. Go with the flow I say!

And the last funny sex moment is from my own life.

Generally, it’s about interruptions. You know, you get into the moment and everything’s great and you’re kind of concentrating because sometimes us ladies have to concentrate for things to work. And then someone, one of the kids, will knock on the door, or they’ll be playing something really loud, or in the crack of the door they’ll be like, “Hey Mom, the remote won’t work,” or something. A couple of times we’ve had visitors just pop by (my parents). Our connection time is always on Saturday mornings, so if my Mom’s reading this, maybe she won’t do that anymore. Haha.

So there you go.

I hope that that gave you a little giggle and made you feel normal. If you have interruptions, or funny moments, or fluid is flowing, and you’re not sure what to do with it, you’re not alone! If you would like to join us in this crazy Facebook group that all these stories came from, we would love to have you. It’s connected to the 30 Days to Wanting It More online program that I run. The program is video-based, and every so often we do a live round. During live rounds I’m doing office hours, the participants get to connect with people a little bit more deeply, and we do other bonuses like my very brave hero husband getting in front of the camera and talking about the other end of things, from a male perspective.

I just filmed five testimonials for the promo video with some really brave women, and hopefully I’ll be able to get that on the sales page really soon. Alternatively, if you want to get on my email list, make sure you do that, and you will get those by email. We’re gearing up for the live round on April 9th, and I hope to see you there! Now go forth and just have a fun time with your spouse.