Episode 10: One Couple’s Journey Towards a Mutually Enjoyable Sex Life

May 1, 2019


This is a really special episode! It’s not only the FRIST couple interview that I’ve done but it’s also the candid, unscripted conversation AFTER the planned interview (that one will be released soon in a separate episode).

In this episode, I interview Stephen (Steve) and Lea- a genuine and sweet musical couple who are parents to a 6 month old son. 

They recently went through my program so we talk about everything sex in this episode- from questioning religious messages, learning about their bodies, recovering from porn to how they are starting to enjoy a new way of connecting in the bedroom.

I enjoyed every minute of this conversation and I hope you do too!

And if you’d like to hear how they make “sweet music” together, listen in on their Christmas CD that they created together: https://stephencollins.bandcamp.com/releases

Finally, if you are curious about the steps that they followed to turn their sex life around, I invite you to my free webinar, “The Real Reason Behind a Lack of Desire and the 6-Step Solution to Reconnecting Again.”

Register here: www.jannadentonhowes.com/webinar 

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