Easy upgrades to enjoy sex more

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Eight easy upgrades to enjoy sex more

​​Let’s talk about upgrades. Something rarely discussed around the sexual experience is the ​practical, environmental aspects that can really increase the quality of your interaction together and help you enjoy sex more.

​Women often do not consider these ingredients ​to be something to consider, question, or incorporate. I’m ​focusing on eight different categories​ you can easily upgrade in order to thoroughly see sex as a self-care practice and ​be something you can look forward to.

Here are ​eight simple pleasure upgrades that will create the perfect environment for you to enjoy your sexual experience.  

​#1 Temperature

​​Some like it hot and some like it cool. Use your thermostat, open​ up some windows, put​ on the AC, or use a cozy blanket to create a comfortable climate. ​Personally, I do not like sticky, sweaty​ skin against each other so I use a sheet ​very creatively as we move throughout our experience together. A heat pack or a cool pack can be helpful. Sometimes, when it’s hotter, I need to take some breaks to separate from the other warm body in my bed.

​#​2 ​Food & Water

​​Make sure you are well hydrated, that you’ve had a snack, and that your blood sugar is at a good level. ​I really enjoy taking a break ​during our experience to have a snack together and share intimate time in a different way. I mean, who doesn’t like a snack break?

#​​3 ​​Cleanliness

​Take a shower or a bath so you can feel ​more comfortable being naked with another person. ​One Wanting It More alumni shared ​she uses shower time to get in the right head space to center herself in her body. ​​I like to sometimes take a shower beforehand, alone, and just repeat to myself, “​pleasure, pleasure, pleasure,” as the water is hitting my skin to remind myself that my body has a tremendous capacity for pleasure and it’s safe for me to get out of my head and into my body ​to prepare myself to connect with my husband. Maybe shave or ask your husband to shave. ​I love a smooth, fresh face to snuggle into. ​​Brush your teeth so your breath is fresh and ready for close contact with your partner.

#​​4 ​​​Clothing

​Being comfortable 100% of the time​ is imperative to your sexual enjoyment and clothing ​plays a big part. ​Your clothing ​should feel ​cozy​ and comfy. You’re allowed to keep your clothing on as well. Did you know that? One alumni shared ​she used to ​hate it when her husband undressed her because she felt uncomfortable and cold, but that’s just what she had seen and that’s all she knew. ​Now, she ​often keeps her shirt on and feels much more comfortable getting close. Another tip is to wear your husband’s shirt. His pheromones can really help you feel safe and protected.

#​​​5 Sounds

​Different types of music or sounds can be really enjoyable and also ​very practical ​to drown out other sounds that are going on in the home. ​You can try instrumental​ music, love songs, ​spa music, ​heartbeat sounds, the ocean; whatever works for you! ​

#​​​​6 ​Privacy

​​Make sure ​you have adequate privacy. This is ​so important in order for you to relax and feel safe. ​Have a lock on your door if you have kids. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you don’t feel the intrusion of a phone call or text.  ​

#​​​​​7 ​​Scents

Having a nice scent ​in the room can attribute to feelings of safety, pleasure, and enjoyment. Perhaps you can try a nice scented lubricant. It’s also important to eliminate scents that are off-putting. If your husband wears a cologne you don’t enjoy or is too strong when you are close, ask him not to wear it during your time together. ​

#​​​​​​8 ​​Lighting

​​I used to always think romantic lighting had to be candles, but sometimes candles are just not practical. They don’t offer enough lighting and you might actually have negative connections with candles because they are so frequently​ used in the stereotypical as-seen-on-tv sexual encounter. ​Instead, I like natural lighting. ​​You may like the cozy darkness ​to snuggle up in your little cocoon with your husband.

​To conclude, ​listen to your body and use these upgrades to create an environment that makes you happy. Brainstorm and think about what might be nourishing, delightful, and pleasurable for you to try during your next sexual experience. ​

Please let me know in the comments if any of these suggestions or upgrades sound interesting to you. What’s your favorite scent? Do you like it light or dark? ​Let me know how this video has impacted you and if it’s changing your mindset about what it looks like to design an experience that you can genuinely, 100% look forward to every single time.

I’m in your corner.


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