Your Fix for a Lack of Desire


Your Personal Fix for a Lack of Desire

When I was on the hunt to figure out what to do about my lack of desire to be with my husband in the bedroom, I was looking for solutions everywhere and I couldn’t find any. In fact, the solutions I found were, “Just do it. It’s good for your marriage.” Thanks. Super helpful. 

So thankfully, years and years later, I have now figured out a solution and I’m going to share it with you today. And not only are you going to get the solutions, but you’re going to be able to figure out which one is specifically for you right now, which is really exciting because who wants generic advice? Not me.

This Actually Works

I am excited to share this with you because not only has it helped me want it more, but hundreds and hundreds of other married women. So it works. It’s not just theory, it’s not just some psychobabble. This is rooted in practice and also very doable for a busy lady like yourself. Because we’re all busy and exhausted and need more time and energy and resources in our life. 

But that’s another tangent, so let’s get  to the four desire fixes. So the first thing I’m going to tell you is the problem that each desire fix solves. And then I’m going to tell you how to take a quiz so that you can figure out which one is specifically for you. Isn’t that so exciting? Okay. Number one desire fix. 

When Moving from “daily” life to “sex” life is Hard

The problem that this desire fix solves is not being able to transition from daily life into a more intimate experience. I think we’ve all been there where we have to-do lists running through our minds. We are kind of stressed from the day, so our body’s like tight. We haven’t had a lot of enjoyment. Maybe we’ve been really focused on other people’s needs and the last thing we need (or want) to do is to focus on somebody else’s needs at the end of the day. You know what I’m talking about.

So if you are feeling this way, and again you can take the quiz to find out if this is your one, the desire fix is prioritize your pleasure and that is your everyday pleasure. If you’re wondering, “Janna, what does that even mean?” Or, “How can I go about putting this into practice?” Well, take the quiz at the end of this blog and then I will give you a another video in which I explain how to do each desire fix.

When Intimacy Feels Icky

Number two. The problem that this desire fix solves is feeling like intimacy isn’t okay. Feeling a little bit of shame or feeling like it’s wrong. Maybe you’ve been told that before in your life. Maybe you’ve had some negative experiences. Whatever it is, it’s so common that it’s one of the four problems that these desire fixes solve. 

So the desire fix that is related to this problem is to connect with your body. I know that might seem a little bit strange, but believe me, it’s a powerful desire fix that my clients and program participants love.

When You’re Feeling Pressure

Number three. The problem that this desire fix solves is pressure from your husband. I think we’ve all been in situations where we’re kind of ducking the hug or trying to make that mouth kiss a cheek kiss or even kind of cringe a little bit with those bedroom eyes. You know what I’m talking about. 

So if you are feeling pressure from your husband, this desire fix might be for you. It is create clear boundaries. And if you’re like, “Janna, that sounds fantastic, but I don’t know how to do it.” Again, take the quiz. I’ll tell you how to do that at the end of this video.

When You’re Feeling Less Than Enough

The last desire fix. The problem that it solves is feeling inadequate. We are inundated by messages from the media about how our bodies should look, how our intimacy should look. I mean, look at any Cosmo magazine and it’s going to tell you what it’s supposed to look like and it can make all of us feel really inadequate. Like we’re not doing the things that we should be doing. 

The desire fix for this is to trust what feels good. Learning how to tap into your unique path. Your unique intuition. Again, if I haven’t piqued your interest enough, I really hope that you take the desire fix quiz. Click here to take the quiz and it will only take a couple of seconds to figure out your personal desire fix.

Start with Your One

You can probably benefit from all of them, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. And you kind of need to know where to start. How do you begin? So take the quiz to figure that out. It’s very accurate. I’ve had amazing feedback from it. 

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll get a whole other video in which I explain the desire fix in more detail and share three simple action steps that you can take right away. Remember, I know you’re a busy woman. 

Again, believe me, this is not just theory. This is rooted in practice. These desire fixes are what I fixed myself with. And now I have a great relationship in the bedroom with my husband and I teach this to hundreds and hundreds of other women. So it is very tried and tested, let’s say. Go take that quiz and I’ll see you on the other side with another video explaining what to do next. 

See you later.


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