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Ladies, it’s time to learn an important lesson, a lesson I personally use in almost every sexual experience I have with my husband.  We’re going to learn how to stay out of your head and reconnect with your body during sex. A lot of women struggle with this and there are many reasons for it, […]

Get out of your head during sex

How to get out of your head during sex
Eight easy upgrades to enjoy sex more

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​​Let’s talk about upgrades. Something rarely discussed around the sexual experience is the ​practical, environmental aspects that can really increase the quality of your interaction together and help you enjoy sex more. ​Women often do not consider these ingredients ​to be something to consider, question, or incorporate. I’m ​focusing on eight different categories​ you can […]

Easy upgrades to enjoy sex more

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Sexually empowered… Being an empowered woman in the bedroom… What did you think of just now reading those words? What are the images that pop up into your mind? When I tell someone that I am a sex coach, they’ll often imagine that I’m having these wild and crazy experiences with my husband or maybe […]

Being Empowered DOESN’T Mean…

What being empowered in the bedroom doesn't mean
Painful sex and how to overcome it

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Painful sex is something that a lot of women struggle with. My friend Sue was one of those women. Sue experienced pain during penetrative sex as soon as she was sexually active.  Sue tried to get help for the pain. She tried: Different doctors Medicated creams Pelvic floor therapy Dilators Even after all of that, […]

Painful sex: how to overcome it!

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Today I’m so excited to come here and talk to you about how to start sex. You might want to be intimate together, you might set aside some time to do it but the common struggle is how do you begin? It can feel really awkward and uncomfortable because nobody’s taught you how to start […]

My favourite ways to start sex

My favourite ways to start sex


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